What is the best blocklists/ blocklists you are using?

I want to get the 100% in Adblock test by d3ward but without breaking my usage for things like Frost for Facebook and Infinity for reddit…etc

And even with using the list he is using in the testing website, Iam not getting the damn 100%

Could you help me getting the some good adblock lists?

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I don’t see the point in aiming for 100% in some arbitrary test that will likely never lead to 100% anyway. You’re overthinking this too much and I don’t know if it’s just pure paranoia, but I also won’t make any assumptions about you either.

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HaGeZi - Multi PRO++ in nextdns


Not very helpful.

It’s a forum. Just ask what their intentions are for followup information so we can better assist.

@L_ishere670 is there a particular reason you need 100% on this specific test?

I think this thread will be useful for you :ok_hand: Many people tried countless configs already with this specific site. Just remember this site mainly targets one thing, Adblocking. (And it’s not even necessarily the end-all-be-all assessment of that either)


I just need this 100% thing to minimize the tracking of the companies and to block ads as i have Samsung mobile with no other option in my country for any privacy respected solution like LineageOs for example so i want to make all the possible effort to protect my privacy and security.

And Thanks for your comment btw.

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I won’t worry too much if you don’t get 100%, and I would more firstly look at your activity (eg. site you visit regularly)

The way I try to look at is ask those following things to yourself

  1. Which website you use on a regular basis?
  2. Do you often download some files whether you know the website or not?
  3. Is there an potential news website you want to avoid for it not aligning your politics, biases or to avoid misinformation?

I recommend checking FilterList website which you can narrow it down to it blocking ads, tracker, website etc.

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