What is Techlore's setup?

Henry gives updates on what he uses for his phone, like whether it’s a custom ROM or iOS. But I’m wondering OS he uses for his desktop? Is it Linux? Mac OS?

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I know Henry uses Stock Android and for which desktop OS he uses, I think he uses macOS :

Just because he uses them doesn’t mean you have to use them too. It depends on your threat model.


Plus he just uses that for work. That is probably compartmentalized. I think he doesn’t even own a laptop for private use.


I’m sure he’ll be by shortly to answer but IIRC he swapped to iPhone after iOS 16 came out due to lockdown mode becoming available.

But he, like many people who do ‘tech stuff on YouTube’ for a living, probably switches things up regularly. If nothing else for the sake of staying current with various products/services relevant to the privacy space.

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I can’t quite share everything I do back here, for reasons I assume are obvious to the privacy community. Though yes, I did migrate to Lockdown Mode recently as that’s where I feel I have the best security at the moment. Nice to see some research now too showing the real-world effectiveness of it.

All I’ll say is what I’d be doing would be very different if it wasn’t for Techlore & the public presence. I have no issue sharing my ideal config if I just lived my personal life without this whole gig:

  • Cheap Laptop running Fedora, Workstation or Silverblue
  • Some flavor of Android on the smallest phone I can find

I’d love to make something like the Punkt phone work, but…that’s been depressingly terrible in testing to be honest.

Also this. Lot of switching around services back here. Both for testing, but also because Techlore has its own little privacy/security world I have to manage with myself and my team, so things are always changing back here.


Is that a TNO reference :exploding_head:

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Nice to see someone knowing this