What is something positive that you've seen happen in the world of privacy and security recently?

For me, I have definitely noticed an up tick in ads for privacy features or product even in places that shouldn’t be targeting me at all. Apple and Samsung have been showing ads that highlight security features of their devices. DuckDuckGo has been all over the place in my area. I see their ads on bus stops an billboards. Even at a restaurant I went to they were on some channel which showed ads for DuckDuckGo a couple of times.

Moves and growth are happening in this space if companies are emphasizing privacy this much, and I hope it means privacy will get more accessible in the near future. Also, it’s a chicken and egg problem, but either people are concerned about privacy so the ads are meant to address that concern OR people don’t care about privacy and the ads are trying to convince them that they should care. Probably both but still good to see!

What good news have you seen recently?

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I think irrational gatekeeping is becoming less of an issue. Yes, there will always be those who promote a mental apartheid against Big Tech (Don’t use even a bit of Big Tech. If something uses AWS or Google Cloud as backup servers, the service is a honeypot.) and all, but this is becoming more frowned upon. Like, I don’t feel ashamed talking about how I use Big Tech, primarily for their enterprise and cloud services and not for personal matters, which seems to be seen as a good strategy on leveraging Big Tech.