What is a good VPN + Firewall for Android?

Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum (sorry for my bad english).

I find that existing privacy services protect against specific attack vectors but leave large gaps in other areas ex: privacy VPN but no firewall or privacy DNS with no VPN.

I need one application that includes the following:

  • VPN
  • Firewall (blocks/allows internet access to apps)
  • No custom ROM that offers built-in firewalls
  • I am open to rooting my device but I would prefer not to do that

Bonus points for:

  • DNS tool
  • Granular tracker control (blocks tracking and ads within apps)

Here is what I found so far:

  1. Safing released their beta application for mobile but it is super bare bones (also I have to pay).

  2. Rethink DNS is working on a VPN in addition to their existing DNS + Firewall. I think it can also forward connections to Orbot but it was hit or miss when I tried that feature.

  3. NetGuard and Tracker Control have a SOCKS5 proxy but I think that a lot of beginners (including me) don’t feel like they have the technical skills/knowledge to setup a VPN chain through a SOCKS5 proxy…

  4. Net Guard will eventually add support for multiple VPNs. And IMHO it has the best firewall UI.

  5. InviZible has a firewall function but the UI is very bare bones.

What should I go for? Am I missing something?

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Hey ,
This is a topic that does interest me.

I am currently using nextdns for blocking certain apps and domains. You can’t call it a real firewall. But it does the job very well.

I have never used the apps mentioned because you can’t (to my knowledge) combine them with another vpn.

Nextdns with an app that can disable internet from apps at the device level would be an ideal option for me.
For now, I still work my way.

Hope your question gets good answers :+1:

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I don’t know if I understand well, but did you check Mullvad?

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I use ProtonVPN and NextDNS to block trackers.

You can also use WindScribe VPN for free, or use Mullvad/IVPN if you want to pay for VPN.

Sorry if I misunderstood what you’re looking for but in what I understand I think this video may get some interesting information :

Sorry guys if I was not very clear. I am just looking for a VPN and a firewall that can block internet access to individual apps.

After some research I found a few options for me

  1. Configure a IVPN + NetGuard configuration like Henry suggested in his “FINALLY! The VPN Configuration I’ve Been Looking For” video. Thank you @i-write-only-lies.
  2. Wait for portmaster to finish their mobile app.
  3. Wait for RethinkDNS to integrate a VPN in their app.

Thanks everyone!