What if an online someone found your address? What would you do?

Which course of action would you take? How alarmed would you be?
Please don’t say “I wouldn’t get my address leaked in the first place” (Looking at you Mazer)

Very well, you shall have another answer.

The chances of that info being misused is pretty low unless you are famous or something. I would say its no more dangerous than having a person want to troll someone and they end up picking your house randomly.

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I wouldn’t get my address leaked in the first place

If you don’t clean up all the information that’s out there about you, your home address can likely be found through your name or your family’s name.

As of now, if someone was able to connect one of my online alias to my real name, they could probably find my address, not because I have information out there (though I haven’t done the cleaning up that I should) but because my family have that information public.

In terms of what you can do about it, it depends. Of course you can move and try to make sure that your new address isn’t found, but that isn’t always warranted. The more likely situation is that you may have to deescalate a situation if there is one.

We’re talking about doxxing, essentially. One of the main threats of doxxing is that with your address someone could pay you a visit. What’s meant as trolling could turn into real life harassment. Possibilities include stalking, vandalism, destruction of property, and my personal worst fear, swatting.

If you don’t know, swatting is when someone calls the cops saying there is an emergency at your address, like a hostage situation, so that they turn up ready for a dangerous and potentially hostile situation. It’s like a SWAT team will knock on your door ready to shoot. People have been killed because of this. This is the most alarming to me because unlike the other forms of harassment it can be done with just a phone call. Just as the ability to find my address is accessible to anyone in the world with internet, so is the ability to threaten my life if they wanted to risk it.

For someone to take these kinds of action, they would have to really have it out for you, and I just hope none of us ever have to deal with that. We know how vitriolic people can be online. You don’t have to be famous. You just have to accidentally go viral for the wrong reason.

So what can we do about these potential consequences, besides taking steps to not be found? I can’t think of much outside of just expecting the worst and maybe reading up on what to do in cases of real life harassment and stalking. If you know it can happen, at least you’ll be in a better position to defend yourself.

Of course, the best action you can take is preventative, like scrubbing your info and maintaining peaceful relationships with people. Legit, folks you meet online are more likely to go nuts and come after you in this way, in my opinion. May chill vibes bring chill vibes.

Doxxing is included in my threat model and it’s one of the main things I try to protect against, though I still have more to do.


I’d also just go for preventative action straight away, though I’m not worth swatting. :smiley:
By wiping as much as possible and not using the identity again, my next actions on the internet aren’t immediately attributed to Bob XYZ at 123 ABC Street. Someone who used to be in the Techlore rooms said they changed locations after being doxxed.

Also, be careful and plan! I would think about a grace period to stay quiet or at least have low activity online.


I thought about something like this after my post. It could be valuable to just hang low, don’t give the dox attention, and let it fade into the ether.

There was a time when someone accidentally leaked my name in a public chat. Because I knew them I quietly DMed to delete their message and we just kept quiet. Could someone have seen it? Who knows, but at least we kept the situation small and forgettable.

In a situation like this, you may want to quietly report the message or reach out to mods depending on the situation. If you think you’re reaction may be to call attention to the dox right then, think about whether there are less noticeable ways to address it.

The idea of lying low is also good. Don’t give folks a reason to care that you’ve been doxxed. Let that info scroll on by if you can’t do anything to remove it. Don’t call attention to yourself.

These are just ideas though. If you think it’s a real threat you may face then you may want to come up with a more robust plan. I’ll probably chime in with more ideas as they come to me, lol.


Excellent, thoughtful, thought-provoking advice.