What headphone are you all rockin?!

Im rockin a red JBL headphone,its pretty high quality and it has really good bass. Heres are some pics of it

For home use I use Hifiman Sundara. Open backed cans that have a solid mid, and high end. They do lack some bass, but that can be sorted out. I like open backed headphones because I can still hear my surroundings. When the door knocks, or my partner calls, or something. I’m happy with these, and not looking to change, anytime soon.

When I’m out, I use the Sony XM3 buds. They’re small (compared to my headphones), and have good ANC and passthrough. I tend to walk a lot, and a bit of music helps me speed up, walking to the beat. I am looking at the Samsung buds Pro2, purely for the IPX7 score. I like to go swimming, and I think they would be a nice addition.

Hifiman Sundara,never heard of it before. Gonna look it up!

I use good, old Sennheiser HD600 for a couple of years now. While you need an extra DAC/AMP for it, it is definitely worth it for at home use. As I don’t really listen to music outside, I also don’t have another pair of headphones.

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emu teaks with a 789 and a e30

I’m looking to buy some Sennheiser HD600s however for now I am rocking my backup JBL pair which are not good but not terrible either.
I’m also using this headset by Xtrike me for my gaming needs and until I find a better replacement.

Senheiser HD280s, absolutely love em!

Do you use Arch, btw? :wink:

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Hehehehehe nope, it’s actually fedora I just used a premade neofetch config and am too lazy to change it lol

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