What feature is absent in FOSS apps?

This post is all about writing the features you wish a FOSS app has, For example the new “Locked chats” feature in Whatsapp is a need in app like Signal, Session …etc
This feature makes some chats you choose are only opened using biometrics and you don’t get any notifications from those chats.

Write your thoughts please!


You can’t really get a Banking FOSS app can you now, but we are trying anyway:


good UI/UX, I know some are pretty good when it comes to this (for example Cryptee) but most are terrible, they just look and feel like they came from the early 2010s (on mobile) and even earlier on desktop


The Fdroid version of OSMand doesn’t work with android auto

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Try organic maps?

A good maps service and good pdf editor/ reader app.

(OSM is not a good maps service. I am forced to use Google maps for that reason)

(I know about GrapheneOS PDF viewer, but it only supports horizontal scrolling unfortunately. Vertical scrolling is a must for me. Other pdf viewers uses insecure libraries and lower APIs which require full storage access which they shouldn’t.)

A good app store(Accrescent) is in the works so I guess there is that for FOSS.

I will, and when I do I will report back