What do you want to see more of on Techlore?

Hello new peeps! We have a list of hundreds of videos to make, but I wanted to reach out and see:

  • Are there any important topics you feel we don’t cover enough?
  • Do you have specific ideas for something you’d like to see?
  • Any other ideas or requests you’d like to send our way?

All ideas are appreciated, thanks in advance and we’re excited to see what we can offer.


More linux content?

I am currently running Manjaro XFCE on my laptop, but it is a steep curve for someone with no linux background at all… I have been thinking of looking for a more GUI based system (less linux code) while I am still learning the environment and navigating other issues (like altenative programs and gaming)

Also, it would be great to have a little corner on here for privacy minded folks to get linux help and recommendations!

PS- Now I am going to look through the techlore yt channel for linux content I may have missed or never come across… :slight_smile:


You probably want to consider a more mainstream distro like Fedora. Not only is GNOME (the GUI Fedora uses) a lot easier to use for most people, but Manjaro is not well liked by many in the privacy and security community because of their past track record of poor security practices.


More coverage about misconceptions and interviews/podcasts with experts like Michael Bazzell!

And also, a Section 8 of Go Incognito that covers the Big Tech and mitigation tactics and approaches. This was from the recent Privacy, Security, and OSINT show where Michael talked about a specific use case for Google Voice.


Thanks for the infos!


I also definitely want to see more Linux content, as that is my favourite type of video to watch from the Techlore channel.


Linux and Selfhosting Content would be awesome!


I would love to see some self hosting tutorials. Mastodon, NextCloud, Bitwarden. Helping people keep their own data in their own hands.


If you want to learn more about Linux, right Switched to Linux and The Linux Experiment are great options for Linux videos.


Not sure how the rest of the community feels about this, but I would like to see more privacy guides for people with much more relaxed threat models/people who don’t care a lot about privacy. A lot of privacy guides on YouTube right now are very all-or-nothing, and it’s instantly intimidating for someone just looking to get started. I think simple videos that cover basic privacy and opsec practices (ex. limiting the number of accounts you use/what you sign up for) would be much more approachable for those getting started and hopefully leads them into doing more in the future.

Seeing a lot of requests in this thread for more Linux videos. I’m a big fan of Linux, and I’d love to see more videos on it, but I beg you, keep it very simple. Give a basic description of how Linux works, recommend like 2 distros max. People are going to hate you for it, and complain that you didn’t mention this or recommend that, but YouTube is full of infinitely long “beginner” guides that talk about every single choice someone has when starting out on Linux, when all people really need to get started is a simple “do this” guide.
When people start loving Linux, they will look into more distros/options. Giving someone too many choices will often lead to them picking something at random or not picking entirely.


This is a good idea, however could lead Techlore to lose some of it’s current audience.

I think a better idea would be to have different versions in each video, a bit like the “zones” in the videos about making iOS, Android, etc more private & secure. Such as this one: The Complete Android Privacy & Security Guide: Your Best Protection!

This allows everyone to see multiple options, and decide what would work best for them


Agree, the “zone” videos are great and likely very helpful to beginners. Just need to make sure people know they shouldn’t feel bad if they can’t hit one of the higher zones, as they certainly aren’t for everyone!


I think Henry did a good job at making it quite clear, but i’m sure there will always be some people that try and do something above their threat model that ends up causing incoveniences for them with very litte benefit.


Techlore is great. I watch every episode. Hopefully more videos will be created in the future. I would also like to say The New Oil produces great content as well.

Would Techlore entertain the idea of producing these suggested materials?

  • How would one go about installing custom roms on their mobile device?
  • What software does Techlore use to stay organized and stay productive(PC and mobile)?
  • What browser does Techlore use and with what extensions?
  • Extension setup and maintenance. What exactly are my extensions doing?
  • What O.S. does Techlore use?
  • What VPN to use and how to optimize it for privacy. → Personally I’m looking more into using Mysterium.
  • What router to use and how to optimize it for privacy.
  • Does Techlore use any other kind of cryptocurrency outside of Monero?
  • Does Techlore stake, mine, pool or farm any crypto and under which DAO if any?
  • What should one do if the police or law enforcement try to confiscate a persons communications equipment?
  • If a person is a political activist should they purchase lawyer insurance?
  • A cop took my phone, what should I do?
  • Perhaps have a criminal lawyer on the show to discuss the rights of individuals and what they should do or say should a law enforcement agent try to confiscate their communications equipment or arrest them for no reason.
  • Perhaps Techlore would be interested in having more guest speakers such as; Distro Tube, The Hated One or Darren Kitchen from HAK5.
  • How should one prepare themselves for difficult economic times?
  • Should more women be focused on privacy issues and why is that important?
  • Or maybe you could produce a small reality series? Is Henry able to survive on crypto for a month? Is he able to live his daily life as he did without crypto?
  • What are Techlore’s favorite books?
  • Digital currency vs. fiat paper money vs. silver and copper coins. What would you prefer as a payment method and why?
  • Should one live in developed countries like America and Europe or would it be better to live outside developed nations? Why? Wich country to move to?
  • How to get a gf if I’m a meganerd?
  • What kind of backpack do I use and why?
  • What kind of video editing software does Techlore use?
  • Tamper proof physical locks, which ones are the best and why?
  • Outside of Techlore, what other social media platform could one use to avoid censorship while retaining their privacy?

I think this should do it for now. I have other inquiries so please let me know if I should send more or not.


Fedora is a good distro. If by chance you want try something else have a look at Linux Mint XFCE.

Once you pick a dsitro, go to its IRC channel should there be any questions or issues.

I think the most important thing to remember is that not every distro works for everyone so it’s best to try multiple and see what you like best

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Would love a video on the different smartwatches and how they rank privacy wise.


Custom rom suggestions for non-pixel devices.


More productivity tools focused on privacy, example, replacing Evernote/Notion to Standard Notes.

I am still looking for a good privacy-friendly ToDo tool (currently using TickTick, but don’t think it is private).