What do you think of the ubuntu rolling rhino remix?

I have been trying out the ubuntu rolling rhino didtro and i find it a pretty remix of ubuntu. If you dont know what rolling rhino is or if you wwnna try it for yourself then here https://rollingrhino.org
Anyways, what do you think of this remix of ubuntu?

Simple question: Why does this exist?

If you prefer the easy-to-use nature of Ubuntu but prefer the style of a rolling release from other distributions such as Arch Linux then Rolling Rhino Remix might be for you!

In what way can Rolling Rhino Remix possibly be better than RebornOS, Garuda, or especially Solus in terms of being ‘easy-to-use’? I deliberately did not mention Manjaro [1, 2, 3]. Solus has its own issues but is nonetheless very easy to use.

Jesse Smith’s impressions on DistroWatch, from less than 24 hours ago, show that much is left to be desired in the ‘easy-to-use’ department.

Rolling Rhino Remix is an unofficial Ubuntu flavour which converts the Ubuntu operating system into a rolling release Linux distribution by tracking the devel series.

Even if you track the devel series (kinetic, at the time of writing), your packages will still be outdated. For example, android-tools is stuck on 28.0.2 in Ubuntu devel compared to 31.0.3 on Alpine, Arch, openSUSE Tumbleweed, Solus, and Void or 31.0.2 on Fedora Rawhide.

TL;DR: Just use RebornOS or Garuda instead. If you want rolling-release made as easy as possible, consider Solus. Is it really worth using an unsupported Ubuntu configuration just to have outdated packages anyway? That seems like the worst of both worlds.

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Thank you but i think i forgot to mention that i was merely trying out rolling rhino, it’s not gonna be the distro im using on my future laptop buuut thanks anyways

It definitely seems like a hacky solution, and I imagine that because most programs targeted towards users of Ubuntu are expecting one of the stable releases, you would probably have issues running many programs.

If you ask me, I am not a huge fan of rolling releases. I normally need a rock solid and stable workflow for my use case.

I generally install software with flatpak, which usually provides me with both stable and up to date software. I used to use multiple rolling release linux distributions (including gentoo, void, arch, artix, manjaro etc.) but later I came to conclusion that a rolling release distribution is just not for me.

Honestly,rolling rhino wasnt a great experience.things kept breaking and it wasnt that stable.