What do you think is the weakest link in security?

I’ll be curious as to your thoughts and reasons supporting it…

I say its: people. People are thecweakest link in security.

I would also say , so is the case for privacy. It’s people that are the most exploitable, vulnerable, influence-able.

What’s the solution?

People. The answer is also within people.

Hence, my advocacy for personality development that is clearly directed toward an ideal that is not of any purely technogical nature, state nature, nor relativistic human nature…but of a Divine nature.

In other words,… the more the human being tries to conform or craft their personality …i.e. expectations ,hopes ,desires, and so forth around another human being or another technology or another state etc… the more the problem of insecurity and non-privacy will be exacerbated…

…whereas my advocacy is… the more human individual free agency choices are made towards crafting one’s personality around a single one divine unchangable and unknowable ideal …the less the vulnerability and exploitive tendency of human influence-ability would occur…

Not saying im right, God no. Rather just considering this… especially since Kevin Mitnick died this week

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My weakest link: Family members: they’re always giving out my email and phone number when signing me up for family plans on things like banks, phone service, credit cards, etc. That’s why my family members only know my Gmail, and not my Proton Mail or Tutanota. They know I use those email services, but don’t email me on there. They only know what my Gmail address is.

Also another weak link is financial institutions like banks/credit card companies/insurance. I can’t avoid using these services, and they love to sell my information to data brokers and don’t use good cybersecurity practices

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One thing I really dislike and I cannot control is how much data about me is stored by Google, or Apple etc. thanks to other people using their services. Basically, I’m trying to say that people add my phone number, address and other contact details (or even a photo) to their contacts on their accounts. The data is stored on Google’s servers. Technically I cannot ask Google to delete the data collected from other users because I actually don’t know what exactly is stored by these people (and Google) and the data is not technically mine. Additionally, I am never sure where the data is stored. Perhaps these people use other services I don’t know or have never heard of and they store my contact info there.

Only because I don’t use Google doesn’t mean Google has no personal information on me collected form other users who use Google’s services. So theoretically the data is collected without my consent and I have no knowledge how it’s handled, who handles it, and who adds it.

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I agree in security it is people for dynamic issues. In privacy I consider our legal identity as a major issue.

I can purchase a private SIM but the cell phone companies can still track my location to and from work which happen to be very close to each other. It is obvious I do not own the business and the other location has my name on the deed, mailing and physical address of the property.
Another reason I use a VPN all the time on my phone.

When purchasing property your not going to hear a conversation similar to, would you prefer to have the Deed in a Land Trust like a phone company asking would you like an unlisted number.

I could have a mobile phone for work and a mobile phone for at the house and another that I just turn on in the vehicle if I just needed it.

Getting back to people I would need the people at home not to call the work number and work people not to call my mobile at the house. No telling how much data the people are leaking at home and at work.

My “Ex” is getting new mail at one of my mail boxes and we have been divorced for over 10 years. Some of my PII is associated with one of her previous addresses after we divorced.
I went through my credit report and removed actual home address and I left the false address just to have a couple previous address.


You have an excellent point. 2 years ago I began to delete me process. Have you heard of abbind delete me yet since you’ve been around the forum? Secondly you can simply follow their protocols for free. It does take some patient endurance as well as learning how to just operate with good security or what’s called good opsec… I understand your pain I’ve been out of the Google ecosystem so much to the point that when I went to transfer a very large amount of money from one of my banks on monday… I actually logged into the bank’s website and thrn… Google had informed my old telephone , via its,security alert feature…that i was experiencing a security breach ? when in fact it was truly me!

but I have switched phones devices, phone numbers, and no longer use Google products save only maps and youtube on aliased compartmentalized protocols…

…and if you ask me they, google… are extraordinarily blackmailing in thier style… arguably a reverse engineered cyber concentration camp that is marvelously getting more aggressively with AI and there are several folks whose lives are completely governed ruled and streamlined by Google and their interior back door Cooperative whoever they may be( if it is the mutinized infiltrated
and commandered police state at the interest of other power Brokers or Etc ) … tge type of aggressiveness to limit your entire life from things that are rightfully yours is very very scary indeed.

I know this week , the privacy community lost kevin mitnick… a wonderful man indeed… in fact I might put a Blog up here just to witness that what I thought about him… an incredible true story of a man… who waa a pioneer in white hat hacking… he got one year solitary confinement ( … according to an interview I saw on one of his YouTube clips several years back so don’t quote me and watch it for yourself)… he was detained without trial for doing nothing except… that he was told by feds… that he knew enough information about how to use telephones that he could actually whistle a certain tone and cause a nuclear ICBM launch… … or something to this effect but again do not quote me I’m not backing yourself with hard facts I’m just telling you what I saw on YouTube and kind of put together the story from what I hear there… Bruce Schneirer is also a big fan of his

I know that one presumposition of predictive crime can land one legally extrajudicially killed under rule 41 pat act… … he had one year of detainment solitary w/o trial…wow

And no need to bother asking my personal testimony, because nobody’s going to ever believe it …and in fact its more likely to spread fear ( as is tge desired cjilling effect the police state needs)… if I tell it too loudly…so most people will get afraid thst they too are targeted… or going to be hunted,deprived, or extrajudicially sensored (aka killed or suicided) because of knowledge one would have by knowing such a testimony…