What do you think about QBittorrent Enchanced?


Qbittorrent is, in my opinion a perfectly fine torrent client, much better than uTorrent and others. I recently found a fork which blocks some Chinese services and Bittorrent streaming automatically. Do you think this fork has any use, and are these extra features important?

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Are you using any blocklists?


I never found “extra features” to be necessary in a torrent program. Things as simple as clicking a magnet link/opening a torrent always did the job pretty well.

Personally, I use “Transmission”- a tiny BitTorrent client. Never had issues, never failed me, simplicity of use. I look forward to trying terminal torrents but haven’t got the chance to play around with it yet.

You can give it a try here https://transmissionbt.com/

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No, but if you have anything good please tell me

open ur browser then enter blocklists. you should be able to find a site with a list of urls containing various blocklists.

there are also tutorials on how one goes about installing a blocklist in qbittorrent.