What browsers do you use?

Hey everyone, I’m curious about what browsers people in this community use for their online activity. I would love to hear what browsers you use and why.

Here’s the browsers that I use :

In Desktop, I use Firefox with arkenfox’s user.js for anything personal and I use Brave with 2 profiles : one for accounts and another one for work

In mobile : I only use Brave for anything personal but I may use another browsers for another use cases

Can you recommend me another browser on desktop for work. Is Vivaldi good for that use case?

Thanks in advance for your responses!"

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On desktop, I use Brave.

On mobile, I use Vanadium except for when I need to use add-ons than I use Firefox.

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Firefox on the desktop and Vanadium (the stock browser in GrapheneOS) on mobile. I also used to be using Fennec (Firefox basically) on Android before I migrated to GrapheneOS.

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Brave (with disabled crypto crap). Both mobile and desktop.

I installed Brave also for my family. Some of them didn’t even notice the difference from Chrome.


On Windows, I use Brave. On Linux, I use Librewolf unless I need Chromium, in which case, Brave again. On Android (GrapheneOS), I usually use Brave, though I occasionally use Vanadium and DuckDuckGo as well for certain use cases.

On desktop and mobile I use Brave, and I prefer Brave over Vanadium on mobile since it blocks ads. For security I recommend Vanadium though.

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Fennec is quite outdated and suffer from vurnerabilities. The engine is not updated by Mozilla anymore. Switching to Fenix is recommended although it has its own vurnerabilities. Use Mull or vanilla Firefox which uses Fenix.

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I had used Firefox for desktop and mobile for a long time but currently use Safari. Apple strong armed me when they allowed mobile safari to use extensions (needed for ruthless levels of ad blocking) and put desktop safari on the iPad. My iPad is my main ‘travel computer’ and having a desktop browser made huge difference. Yes Brave blocks ads but I just never liked their interface and their crypto/BAT shenanigans just rub me the wrong way.

From there it was just disjointed to use a different browser on my Mac so I switched completely to Safari. It has been fine.

Now if Apple allows non-webkit browsers into iOS as the rumors seem to suggest might happen, I will be very tempted to move back to Firefox. The web needs more not fewer browser competitors.

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It also rubs me the wrong way, but Chromium just is a technically better browser. I’m running Qubes and running Firefox in appVMs with limited memory is just too painful, Brave just performs much better in the same environment.

On desktop, I mainly use Firefox with arkenfox, but I also use Tor and Brave regularly depending on the task.

On mobile, I use Vanadium. A lot of people talk about the lack of ad blocking, but with NextDNS and ProtonVPN with NetShield, I hardly ever see ads in it anyway.

Personal iPhone: Brave
Backup personal - GrapheneOS Pixel: Vanadium
Work iPhone: Safari


  1. Safari + AdGuard + Private Relay for websites I have logins with (Banks etc)
  2. Brave + uBlock + Quad9 DOH for browsing/surfing/Youtube

Got the idea to split my browsing/login traffic from one of Henry’s videos back in the day.

I use brave as my main browser and I keep Firefox as my backup and for google stuff I use chrome on a separate profile lastly I use Tor for extra privacy and anonymity focused topics

Fennec was just what I was using when I was still on CalyxOS because that’s what was available on F-Droid. Since I’m on GrapheneOS now I stick to the recommended option by the developer which is Vanadium. If you want Firefox on mobile better stick to just vanilla so you can get regular updates.

The right answer lol I don’t use firefox because I heard they don’t sandbox cookies or something like that. So I try to stick to chrome based on mobile.

That changed last year I believe with Total Cookie Protection. From what I understand, tabs are sandboxed, but the sandboxing is not as good as on Chromium.

Personal computer: Firefox with some hardening (no Arkenfox), with Brave as a backup
Work computer: Firefox with slightly more hardening than for personal (wipe browser history on close)
Phone: Brave, just because mobile site just seem to work better on Chromium and I give Firefox enough love on my desktops.

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I’m referring to mobile firefox specifically.

Ah, I didn’t know there was a difference. That’s a shame.

desktop: firefox and brave
mobile: vanadium and brave
tv: unfortunatelly the out of the box (samsung)

Chances are even with the userjs, firefox phones home.
I’ve turned all telemetry & tracking settings off, still firefox connects to a telemetry domain owned by mozilla. (incoming.telemetry.mozilla.org)
Brave is meh, to much. Good for privacy but bloated with rewards, etc.

Desktop - go for librewolf
Mobile - go for bromite

Vivaldi sucks, read the privacy agreement. Garbage.
And if your’re using waterfox or startpage, or duckduckgo, drop them.
Got acquired by system, read their terms of service & privacy agreement…
Bravesearch or searx for searchengine.

Please be careful with Bromite. Updates seem to not be very frequent recently, which leaves you open to potential security vulnerabilities. It used to be a great choice in the past but things have changed.