What brought you to Techlore?

For me, a friend mentioned that Discord was bad for privacy and was pointing me in the direction of Matrix. Somehow I came across their video on the “the dark side of Discord” and I’ve stuck around since.

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Surprisingly enough YouTube recommended techlore to me a while back, that was when I didn’t know anything about privacy.

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I watching Chris Titus Tech more or less regularly and I watched the Colab Video between Techlore and CTT

after that video I watched a couple of Techlore Videos and saw the Link to the Forums :slight_smile:

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I think I was watching Linus Tech Tips or some other tech-related channel when I stumbled on Techlore… I was always interested in privacy to some degree and it was nice to get fairly short video bites of useful information.

Eventually, I started listening to Surveillance Report and haven’t missed an episode since.

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I was already into privacy a bit because of PrivacyTools (the same Matrix rooms are now for PrivacyGuides), then I stumbled on the Techlore Matrix rooms.


A friend suggested we watch it because they thought Henry was cute (which, I mean, they weren’t wrong).

I suspect we get very different things out of the videos, but still :rofl:

I died and Henry made a deal with me that I had to watch his videos in exchange for resurrection

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Eh, honestly cant remember. I dont even remember how i got into privacy to begin with,but im glad that i discovered techlore and privacy in general. Anyone else here also doesn’t remember how they discovered techlore and privacy like me?