What brought you to Techlore?

For me, a friend mentioned that Discord was bad for privacy and was pointing me in the direction of Matrix. Somehow I came across their video on the “the dark side of Discord” and I’ve stuck around since.


Surprisingly enough YouTube recommended techlore to me a while back, that was when I didn’t know anything about privacy.

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I watching Chris Titus Tech more or less regularly and I watched the Colab Video between Techlore and CTT

after that video I watched a couple of Techlore Videos and saw the Link to the Forums :slight_smile:

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I think I was watching Linus Tech Tips or some other tech-related channel when I stumbled on Techlore… I was always interested in privacy to some degree and it was nice to get fairly short video bites of useful information.

Eventually, I started listening to Surveillance Report and haven’t missed an episode since.

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I was already into privacy a bit because of PrivacyTools (the same Matrix rooms are now for PrivacyGuides), then I stumbled on the Techlore Matrix rooms.


A friend suggested we watch it because they thought Henry was cute (which, I mean, they weren’t wrong).

I suspect we get very different things out of the videos, but still :rofl:

I died and Henry made a deal with me that I had to watch his videos in exchange for resurrection

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Eh, honestly cant remember. I dont even remember how i got into privacy to begin with,but im glad that i discovered techlore and privacy in general. Anyone else here also doesn’t remember how they discovered techlore and privacy like me?

In my case, YouTube recommended me the “Brave vs Firefox” video, funnily at the time I was using OperaGX and Google Chrome (yeah, not the best start :sweat_smile:) and seeing the video I stuck to Brave and then started to use Brave and Librewolf (Firefox). And searching for more information about Brave, got me sticking to Techlore until this day.


I used to watch THO, and then I saw the collab he did with Techlore, so I also followed Techlore from then on.

When I was researching privacy respecting mobile O/Ss, I came across the Techlore videos. His videos on GrapheneOS and CalyxOS were just what I was looking for.

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This same video was what brought me to it. Someone was saying how bad discord was for privacy, so i went searching and found that video and have watched ever since haha

By the YouTube algorithm :sweat_smile:


I had been doxxed and needed to reclaim my privacy, found Techlore on YouTube whilst trying to cover my ass.

I think it was a VPN review… not sure which one… Surfshark… maybe…

I think I was recomended Techlore video regarding going Brave vs Firefox after watching Mental Outlaw, and got stuck into Privacy report after that.
Been here for around a 8 months now. Learned a lot and hope to keep learning and spreading the message when possible.

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A Techlore video appeared in my YouTube feed.

My friend recommended the channel after I mentioned I’ve read some of Kevin Mitnicks books