What are your thoughts on web3 and is it good for privacy?

And does anyone know a good graphic which gives you an overview over the web3?

Is it good for privacy?

Sorry to be this person but , it depends.

Generally web3 advocates for distributed/federated infrastructure. This is designed to ensure the availability of information. But as for confidentiality, or anonymity, these are not necessarily protected.

Bitcoin is a good example of this. Transactions on the Bitcoin block chain can’t be changed. The block chain ensures the record is always available and immutable. However, the block chain is also publicly viewable, so none of the information on it is confidential, and if the wallet owner is known it is not anonymous.

Alternatively, someone may authenticate against a matrix server, so they can use a bridge to a Facebook community without authenticating against a Facebook service. This would obviously make them more private by eliminating direct interactions with Facebook.

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Web3 only exists in the mind of the succ and his terrible test blender render of a metaverse. I personally do not think it will ever become anything.

I’m not sure what you mean by web3, so clarifying that could be helpful for this discussion.

If you mean crypto specifically, I think there are technologies that can be used for privacy like Monero, but Bitcoin itself is an example of it not being privacy-friendly all the time, as @mHat said.

For the metaverse, I think there can be a private version, but I don’t know of anything like that in the works. Any metaverse project I’ve heard of as been attached to the unfortunately grimey and grifty part of the latest tech trends. Also, I do not trust the metaverse and I hope humanity learns lessons from how we’ve adopted out current technology to not repeat mistakes with future technology.

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