What are your thoughts on duckduckgo mail from a privacy standpoint?

so basically duckduckgo mail provides the same function as addy.io or simplelogin but the difference is ddg mail is completely free and unlimited. i’ve seen people recommend addy.io and simplelogin but never ddg mail. is there any privacy risk to using ddg mail?
also ddg does not offer a dashboard to manage the aliases it creates. does it mean when i refresh and create a new alias does the previous one go back in the pool for others to use. ideally what i want to do it use different mails for instagram,facebook…etc and so on? if anybody has any experience please do share how reliable and secure is duckduckgo now and down the road?

ps: i know simple login is only 30$ a year and i do respect privacy respecting companies and what they do but i would prefer to not pay for any subscriptions because i’m financially unstable for a while now.

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– I’d say is quite decent.

I’ve used with some services like Nextcloud for a while now, and never got locked out or something like that. I wouldn’t say it comes close to services like addy or simplelogin though, for starters the lack of a proper dashboard to manage what you have created: you need to go the a specific mail and deactivate from there, and unless you keep tabs on the addresses on a note taking app, you are doomed to forget said address if you want to reactivate it later. Then is also the issue of not having a reverse alias service, so in case you use a service you later engage with and they ask you to send some info via email, for a support ticket for example, you can’t do it from the @duck address you created the service with, at least I couldn’t. Finally there’s no way to use your own domain, for now I haven’t been blocked by many services asking for a different email address because they detected the disposable nature of what you provided, but in order to mitigate that with simplelogin or addy (paid feature) you can use a domain you own for that.

All in all I wouldn’t use (although I did already) for important enough email, but only for stuff I’m positive I don’t care if they take my account away or if I want a quick disposable way to get around some restrictions and then forget about it. Kinda like a better guerrillamail or trashmail.

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Hey, you can reply with a duck email.
Example you want to send an email to tech@tech.com from b249t@duck.com you will type as the receiver address tech_at_tech.com_b249t@duck.com and so on.

Edit: I also found their explaination of it


I’d say duck mails aren’t reccomended as SL and anonaddy are more user friendly, they have many customizable options and have both a Web and App interface

Oh nice, I didn’t know that. And it works not just with the main duck address

I don’t trust DDG as a company anymore because they (almost secretly) partnered with microsoft to allow their trackers. I wouldn’t trust them with privacy half as much as anonaddy or simplelogin. Is it better than using an exposed email address? Perhaps, but you could just use anonaddy and have unlimited aliases without any issue. If you need the sending feature, you could get a domain for a few dollars on namecheap and link it with skiff.

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I’ve been using DDG mail protection since it came out, and I haven’t looked back since. By default, it blocks trackers in emails so you won’t have to worry about that. I used to use the app to generate all my emails, but Bitwarden implemented creation of DDG email aliases into their password manager, so I have this all in one place. Managing emails isn’t hard if you use this method since you’ll have all your email aliases written down in your password manager and can search for them by typing duck.com into the search bar.

You can also reply to messages with your DDG email by replying to them if they were sent to a DDG email. I’ve only been blocked from using these emails 2 or 3 times and I’ve created many accounts using these emails.

Overall, I would highly recommend DDG email protection if you don’t want to pay and still want great privacy