What are your security, privacy, and technology content creator recommendations?

If these products don’t work for you, it is fine. However, It is important to consider that your threat model might slightly differ from others.

I’m not sure if this is allowed but I wanted to add something to the discussion of content creators that were being mentioned.

Luke Smith doesn’t really make privacy and security related content so I’m not sure why he was mentioned but he is also white supremacist, I don’t think we should be recommending him or promoting his content here.

In his video about RSS feeds he shows his RSS subscriptions and they include:

Link to the original video.

  • Razib Khan, who has written articles for publications associated with the alt-right, including The Unz Review, and [whose career has been described] as an example of the “murky line between mainstream science and scientific racism.” In 2000, he wrote a letter to white nationalist website VDARE that suggested, according to Undark Magazine, that “black people are innately less intelligent than white people”.
  • Roosh V, whose advice, videos and writings have received widespread criticism, including accusations of misogyny, promotion of rape, antisemitism, homophobia, and having ties to the alt-right.
  • Varg Vikernes (Thulean Perspective), and his wife Marie Cachet. Racist, anti-semitic, white supremacist. He claims to disawow Esoteric Nazism, but I think he’s just rebranded it into his own thing.
  • Survive the Jive. I’m not familiar with him, but from what I can tell, he’s a stereotypical fascist Germanic/Nordic pagan type.
  • Prince of Zimbabwe. Alt-right memery on YouTube. A lot of frenworld (neo-nazi ideology disguised as silly maymays) stuff.
  • sv3rige/goatis. Raw-meat diet, anti-vegan YouTuber. Seems pretty unsavory. According to this (admittedly preeeetty biased) article, he’s a pretty terrible person.
  • American Renaissance, which is literally a white supremacist website.
  • The Alternative Hypothesis. He appears to be a white supremacist, and from his YouTube, he also appears to be an anti-vaxxer.

Credit to /u/Torgard on reddit for this list.

There is also this Guardian article in which he is mentioned as inheriting bitcoin from a Frenchman called Laurent Bachelier.

The beneficiaries of Bachelier’s largesse were all either prominent far-right agitators, or platforms offering them a home. The donations immediately attracted the attention of cybersecurity researchers, extremism watchers and law enforcement officers.

His ncmpcpp configuration files had swastikas as the visualiser:

More questionable posts on his personal website that have been deleted since.


He lists the unabomber manifesto as recommended reading on there and says he based his worldview off of it.


These make some serious accusations.

Only makes me like him more. Cry about it.

Cry moar. Also Ye is right about the media.

Yeah this is definitely an organic account that was created right around the time that Qubesfan2 got so ass-blasted over Luke Smith being haram that he had to start two different conversations with me about politics, both of which our new definitely organic account decided to chime in on.

Anyway bye folks. I have had enough of internet today.

It’s 2022, and people are still fighting on the internet :joy: I do have empathy for people who throw shit at me and others though, as unfortunately it always proves to be unfulfilled individuals who feel bad on the inside. I wish ya’ll good health and prosperity! (No sarcasm)

And another one bites the dust.

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@Henry what do you think the privacy content of Mental Outlaw

I just checked (I don’t know him), but there’s at least some videos about privacy, graphene