What are your opinions about Cloacked.app new phone number aliases service?

I found this service Clocked which provide an alias for your actual phone number.

Tell me your opinions

Doesn’t look too bad, although I read their privacy policy and there are some things you should be aware of.

  • KYC for their credit card generator
  • Can give your data to 3rd party contractors
  • Will give your data if they’re bought out
  • Even if you live in the EU, they might transfer your information to the US (but they claim to use the same protections)
  • Usage telemetry
  • Unrelated but in their FAQ they state they’re only available to US residents currently

Remember to actually look at the privacy policy before making the choice to use or not, I might be wrong.


I didn’t look at their privacy policy cause iam not living in the US, Anyway i will check it when its available for my country cheking if they changed anything in the privacy policy you have read, Anyway i think the only use for their services from the privacy prespective is to use a secondary phone number assiociated with their app to make it untrackable without giving them any real info even if you will pay for their premium services just use something to mask your credit card like privacy.com for example.

This has become a test for any new service. How do I delete my account?

If they do not show how to delete an account before signing up, I am not interested.


It’s currently in beta with very few reviews in our privacy community. I’m definitely rooting for it! Let’s see how it turns out. Proton/SimpleLogin is also launching their own phone masking service this year, at least according to their tweet. I’d test out all of them before committing to one. Once fully committed, it might get tricky to switch services later without losing all the generated numbers.

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If simplelogin really does that and not only for US people, I would love it!.

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Same, dying for a phone masking service that isn’t limited to US users.

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I tried the Cloaked trial, and I came across a significant concern with their phone number service. They reuse and recycle phone numbers among all Cloaked users, calling it “data poisoning.” The idea behind it is to prevent a phone number from being linked to one individual and instead associate it with multiple people. This is quite alarming, and I’m looking forward to hearing @Henry perspective on this matter.

You can listen to the podcast starting from the 37:00 to 38:40 timestamp, where they discuss their “secret sauce.” Here’s the reference link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1vAxRADdaprJl

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