What are some good inexpensive faraday bags?

Looking to get some faraday bags for my family and myself. What are some good brands to consider? And is there any brands on Amazon that are good?

What I found looking online is SLNT and GoDark Bags. I’m hearing and seeing nothing but good things from both brands. Even my military buddies vouch for the products.

Great podcast from “Watchman Privacy” to listen to with the founder of SLNT

I heared the batterie dies quickly in a faraday bag, because it constantly searches for gps, network … .

But it was a reply on internet. I’m very sceptical about reviews or comments because they are often exaggerated.

I think if you use it in airplane mode in the bag that problem is solved. Can someone confirm or debunk this?

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If you are putting your phone in a faraday bag why not just turn it off before doing so? It’s not like you will be using your phone while being in the bag anyway.

If you are gonna put a phone in airplane mode, why are you also putting it in a faraday bag? They solve the same problem in just different ways.

I would suggest just skipping the step of getting a faraday bag and try to live with airplane mode. At least you’ll save some cash :stuck_out_tongue:

Phones can still be tracked if they are turned off

Elaborate a lil more. The only thing I can think of is it constantly pinging cell towers even if the SIM card is not inserted for emergency call purposes, but you can not do emergency calls when airplane mode is enabled.

Of course I have no equipment to test whether your phone turns into a literal connectivity-less brick when you have it enabled, but I feel like still sending some signals when you have it enabled kind of defeats the whole purpose of airplane mode.

A faradaybag is a good option to have…and they look very nice .

It was more of a convenience thing I was thinking about. I’ve been having some problems lately with my dns server dropping out when I come out of airplane mode.
So it’s actually better to disable it.
For me then :slightly_smiling_face:

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These also look nice, pricing seems ok

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