What are good privacy information and activism organisations?

I want to do a review of different pro privacy organisations (not product-affiliated). I am aware of:

  • EFF
  • Privacy International
  • various Pirate Parties (EU, US)
  • Foundation for Technology and Privacy Outreach
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center

Are there any other organisations I should look into?



You can add ‘Fight for the future


Thanks - I just discovered this one this week. Forgot to add it.

The UK has the Open Right Group. You might also want to take a look at the Foundation for Applied Privacy, based on Austria.


Here in India we have https://internetfreedom.in/ and there is this Asia wide India org https://fossunited.org/


In the Netherland we have Bits of Freedom. Via the menu you can switch to the English version so it should also be readable for you


Thanks, I’ll add it to the list.

Thanks! I’ll take a look.

Thank you - does fossunited work beyond India? It doesn’t seem so from their site.

Sorry my bad its only India but it works in whole India so it gave me a vibe of asia wide loll

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Are you interested in only the international ones? Or only English speaking? How big of a scope organisations basically. And only privacy focused? Or digital rights oriented in general?

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I don’t believe The Tor Project has been mentioned

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Hi @attempty These are helpful questions. The organisations should be broad in scope (privacy and rights) and international in reach by using English as one of the languages, like EFF.

Access Now fits your description perfectly.

Not as global, but reachable in English is a russian RosKomSvoboda (they also have an .onion address). They actually do a lot given how oppressed they are.