What Android launcher do you use?

I like to keep it simple, so I use KISS Launcher. It’s a bitt tricky to start with, but once you get it it just makes sense. Also, I love that I can easily search for a contact and call them, I can do simple math and also open specific parts of apps at the same search bar. And it integrates really nice with custom icons.

Nice! Just for this I’m bookmarking this thread to check on this launcher later. :slight_smile:

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Guys I’m interested in the customization capabilities of Nova Launcher, but is it private? (Spoiler alert: I don’t think so)

No, it’s not.


I use GrapheneOS’ default launcher, because of privacy and security reasons. I don’t want to have to trust a different party than my system manufacturer for my launcher.

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To be honest, after seeing how many permissions a launcher needs and how important those permissions are, I think I’m going to end up staying on the vanilla launcher despite how much it annoys me.

Discreet has one permission. Query all packages. Low threat IMO

I also have it, but is it customizable? Even changing the shape of the icons will be great.

No, it is really bare bones. You can change the grid layout though. And you can also disable the option to show a dot on apps for notifications.

I am of the opinion that we as memebers of a privacy and security community should stick to recommend people to use the default android launcher. There are other great communities for getting recommendations to customise your android phone. 3 rd party laumchers will always pose some amount of attack surface by asking for permissions that aren’t really necessary to begin with. They also aren’t much of a privacy and security tool as they are more of a customization tool.

Opinion noted. Disagree completely. No interest in participating in a self-righteous “privacy & security” cult. There are too many of them already- toxic.

No phone or OS is without attack surface. I developed my threat model; learned the P&S/convenience tradeoffs; try to educate others without moralizing.

Current setup is Lawnchair (love it) on GrapheneOS.


I’ll try lawnchair. I found it via alternativeto

I’m also really liking Niagara.

Ended up paying the $30 for the pro version, it took 2–3 weeks and I wanted the customizations that are missing in the free version.

You’ll want to use the most up-to-date Alpha version found on Github. Its been stable for me- and most others from what i can tell by reading the Issues & Discussions.

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I’ve been trying really hard to decrease my screen time and migrate to doing (almost) everything on my laptop. I recently switched to Unlauncher after watching this video by Side of Burritos.

It’s the same approach as Olauncher Clutter Free I posted. But it also doesn’t support PWA’s shorcuts.

Ruthless Launcher is NOT open source , The only repository is for translations only

No one claims that is. Just that it doesn’t contains any trackers.

All these discussions are making me miss my Pixel 3a w/ Olauncher :confused:

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This one is great