What Android launcher do you use?

I was using Nova Launcher up until today. The Dec 2022 security update for my Pixel 6 introduced a weird bug with wallpaper scrolling that drives me up a wall. I’ve gone back to using the default Pixel Launcher, but since I don’t want to use Google I have these annoying At a Glance and Google-only search bar widgets that I want to get passed.

I also tried Lawnchair and it seemed to be the perfect candidate… until for some reason the Proton Calendar widget simply didn’t work. The widget literally turns white and says “Widget failed to load.”

Anyway, despite my struggles it did get me curious about what if any launchers you guys use!


I use Lawnchair 2, works well, lots of features, love it.

Edit: Now using Ruthless Launcher as Lawnchair hasn’t been updated for ages (thanks to @SilkyPanda for letting me know)

Edit: Now using the new version of Lawnchair that @DisguisePub told me about, it’s not got as many features as the old Lawnchair, but supports Material You which is a nice touch!


I’ve been using Niagara for a few months now, really liking it

Last upadted on 2019 :cry:

Nova, but it sounds like that’s not an option for you, right now. Sadly, I’ve not found one that ticks all the boxes, that Nova does.

I do put BaldPhone on devices, for the elderly. Big, and simple.

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After fiasco with Branch.io and like 10 years on Nova I tried few launchers, but at the end kept Ruthless Launcher. It’s nice, fast and has no trackers! It has few tiny bugs, but otherwise it’s a perfect replacement for me. I was so happy that I even donated to the author :slight_smile:

I also keep my eyes on Olauncher Clutter Free, because if they implement shortcuts for PWA, I’m switching.

Ah… it looks like I need a new one

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I use Discreet Launcher. I hate having a cluttered home screen and hardly have any apps installed. It’s everything I need and nothing more.

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I have a Samsung S7 which I use offline mainly to work on vehicles at the house. I have a paid vs of Torque Pro an OBDII scanner tool app. I have a Google account on it.
This post reminds me that its time to do maintenance on that phone. I use Kiss Launcher. I use NetGuard to lock down all the bloatware when I do go online. I use kiss to hide all those apps.
When I do go online it is usually to resolve an issue with a Google account.
I will check out the suggestions so thanks for this post and appreciate any suggestions for my use case.

Like most of you I use a degoogled phone and the stock launcher for every day use.

I’ve tried almost every popular launcher on the market and I think that Lawnchair 2 best fits my use case and aesthetic which is why I’ve been using it for a while.
I just love how smooth and customizable it is, even tho it’s last updated was 3 years ago.

The Proton widget bug came after the last Proton Calendar Update, It was working just fine before that. My hypothesis was that the new 3 day view broke it, whether on Lawnchair’s or Proton’s end.

Ah, ok, at least it wasn’t just me seeing that problem!

When it comes to how often launchers are updated, I noticed even Nova Launcher was last updated in December 2021. I wonder why it seems like launchers go so lone without updates or if that’s a thing in that space.

i use smart launcher

You should check there twitter which is @lawnchairapp or look up on Gitlub they still updating it. They have a awesome icon pack for it which they update monthly last update was on Nov 1 This Year.

You can download the updated launcher and the icons packs on Github or there official telegram.

Long story short I’ll explain what happened The Main Developer who created The Launcher Left it awhile ago and as it was open sourced it was picked up by the people in the community during 2019-2020 they had few issues with new management with the handling of The App (Nothing Related To Security) just some code they copied from some other apps without permission basically, it got sorted out by the end of 2020. They been updating it since 2021 till date, the new devs are active on twitter and few admins on telegram and few other contributors.

I been using it as of now and let me tell you its awesome they updated the whole thing to Material UI and also introduced QuickSwitch and adaptive wallpaper with sync the whole theme based on the wallpaper you use, its awesome give it a try and let me know :)) looks like people are not aware of it

It is being updated! Check my post below :smiley:

Do you happen to know why that updated version of the launcher isn’t on the Play Store? Seems like a shame for it to not be there.

They Reverse engineered code of Google Pixel launcher so naturally some guys questioned the stability of the project due to google being extremely hostile to such RE projects(YT Vanced).

Google doesn’t exatly like RE code from their own projects. The same reason Newpipe or YT Vanced doesn’t exist on Play Stores.

Note: RE code is very much legal.

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On a Pixel4 I use Discreet and Artcicons, very minimal no widgets date and time as basic, black and minimal as possible.

I had a talk with the devs on twitter and they said we doing the alpha testing currently with these releases and once its fully stable, we will push it out to Google Play and That code issue is now fixed so Google should approve the app now on Google Play, like you can wait for it for coming there or you can go try out its current alpha builds i think its very stable and works well. Surely worth a try.

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I have had a few bugs, mainly with changing the name/icon of a specific app, but still a good overall experience so far.

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Nice hope you liking the new update it has… Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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