What about Viber's ratings as a messenger app?

I watched the BEST Encrypted Messaging Apps Compared: Chat Privately! video. So helpful! So, where does Viber - Wikipedia rank on these metrics? It’s a messaging tool that some of my European friends recommend. Owned by Rakuten. According to Statista, there are 260 million monthly active users as of January 2019 citation. I read a bit on their monetization model (which drives business choices). I’d be grateful to hear Viber added into the mix for research and conclusions. Curious what the community already knows about Viber related to privacy and security. (And yes, I am moving to Signal even though I have been using Viber.)

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Well it’s free and proprietary, already not a very good sign.
Aside from that, glancing at their privacy policy already strikes a few red flags. For example, they literally state “The operation and use of our Viber App and Services involves collection of personal data”. Further they evaluate this includes the usual mobile number, device identifiers, location identifiers, so basically as much as possible.

They do claim to have “end to end encryption” but as we’d think with something like Whatsapp, we don’t know that since the source code is closed source.

I would speculate that this would not score very high on the scale.

Many of that video’s datapoints can be located on this chart which includes Viber.


hi @Reinin , I appreciate your reply and – even more so – how you show your thought / analysis process. Very helpful as I learn what to look for and what to question. I smiled because right before I read your reply, I read this great post on healthy skepticism by Seth Godin, someone whom I consider an ethical marketer. Indeed, your point about closed source in itself raises skepticism. Thanks!

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Thanks @Henry , I appreciate you directing me right to the data that includes Viber. #grateful I studied the information and it reinforced my decision to move away from this app. Perhaps what’s more important is that I am learning how to think more critically about privacy via this forum. Again #grateful