What about risevpn / calyx VPN?

Hello guys !

I’m searching about a good VPN and I find risevpn and calyx VPN

What do you think about that ? And against protonvpn ?

Thank you !! :slight_smile:

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All three VPNs are good, although Calyx and Riseup are very slow in my experience and only support one location which is not enough for most users.
I personally use them as backups when Proton doesn’t connect or when It feels slow.
Proton VPN is pretty good!
The free tier supports a couple locations, although the free options are slow too, they are still faster than Calyx and Riseup in my experience and probably enough for the average user just looking to bypass a firewall.
However Proton paid is great, It’s faster and offers way more locations.
If your threat model includes using an always-on VPN I would suggest giving Proton paid a try!
You also have other cheaper options like Mullvad, IVPN and Windscribe


Riseup VPN is lightning fast (on startup) compared to Proton on Linux, and it works out of the box. The only problem with Riseup is that their DNS seems to be a bit outdated.

Currently using Windscribe’s “build-a-plan”. Paying $2/month for unlimited data & Windflix UK servers. Amazing deal!

I do like the look of Proton’s secure core feature though :thinking:

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Thank you for your answers !
The pack of proton is amazing but I don’t trust 100% Switzerland …

Maybe I’m paranoiac but… ^^’