What about Freetone

Who’d freetone be good as a second number for small things like ordering pizza or if you need to fill a phone number for a package

Whats up with all these free US number apps lately? How does VoIP numbers work exactly? Can they be made on the fly without much expense?

Any canonical app for a free number?

These VOIP services can be used, for certain things. I use MySudo number, not free. I have no experience with freetone but there is risk.

The use case needs to be evaluated. FreeTone has about 30 trackers and 60 permissions. My point is the VOIP service may become a bigger threat than what your trying to protect.

I have been working on anonymous purchases, to various home address where I can get deliveries. I would not really order a pizza but lets say I was. The voip number could be used to protect my identity from the pizza restaurant. The home or delivery address could leak PII if your identity is connected. What about your payment options.

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My problem is i live in europ and MySudo dont have any numbers in the europ.

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To register a Virtual Number, email the required information to our Customer Support Team.

  1. Your Name

  2. Your Company Name

  3. Your Contact Phone Number(s)

  4. Your Current Address

  5. A Photo or Copy of your valid Passport or Government Issued ID, high resolution

For some countries, we will also need a PDF or Scanned Copy of a Utility Bill sent to Your Current Address in the last 6 months.

Countries with Required Registration

The following countries require registration, but Your Current Address on file may be anywhere in the world. For indicated (*) countries a copy of a utility bill from your Current Address is required. For indicated (**) countries this applies to National and Toll-Free (non-local) Virtual Numbers only.

  1. Australia (AU)

  2. China (CN) * – 2 bills as proof of address required

  3. Costa Rica (CR)

  4. Croatia (HR)

  5. Cyprus (CY)

  6. Hong Kong (HK)

  7. Japan (JP)

  8. Kazakhstan (KZ)

  9. Luxembourg (LU)

  10. Peru (PE)

  11. Russian Federation (RU)

  12. Singapore (SG)

  13. Taiwan (TW)

  14. Thailand (TH)

  15. Ukraine (UA)

Countries with Required Registration and Address in Country

The following countries require that Your Current Address on file is within the country of the Virtual Number. If they do not match, you will not be able to purchase a Virtual Number in that country. Indicated (**) countries further require that Your Current Address is in the same city or area as the Virtual Number.

  1. Bahrain (BH)

  2. Belgium (BE) **

  3. Bulgaria (BG) **

  4. France (FR) **

  5. Georgia (GE) **

  6. Germany (DE) * **

  7. Greece (GR)

  8. Hungary (HU)

  9. Ireland (IE)

  10. Italy (IT)

  11. Latvia (LV)

  12. Malaysia (MY)

  13. Malta (MT)

  14. Netherlands (NL)

  15. South Africa (ZA) * **

  16. Spain (ES)

  17. Switzerland (CH)

  18. Venezuela (VE) **

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