Welcoming Our Second Forum Sponsor—Notesnook, Open Source & E2EE Notes 🔐

Hello forum community, today I am happy to announce we have accepted Notesnook as the second Techlore Forum sponsor!

Notesnook is an open source, E2EE note-taking service. Many of you may remember the interview I did with Abdullah Atta—their CEO & lead developer:

Abdullah reached out recently and we got the ball rolling to make this happen, and I’m so excited he chose to put faith in Techlore :pray: You can read a lot more about the history of Notesnook and what they’re trying to accomplish on their about page:

The interview we did together was a good one if you want to learn more about Notesnook and what they’re building. In my eyes, they’re bringing attractive features to make their services as competitive to services like Evernote as possible. Many of their ideals align with you all in our community, so it felt like a perfect fit! Definitely check out their site to see if it’s a good fit for you—it’s free to try out and get started.

You’ll now find Notesnook featured alongside Ente, our other forum sponsor.


I want to give another warm thank you to both Notesnook & Ente for sponsoring this community and helping us keep its lights on. As I previously said: these communities are not easy to host, maintain, and moderate—and it’s because of support like this that we can have such a great community here :heart:

General reminders:

  • All sponsors agree to respect our strict sponsorship criteria—no exceptions are made and we have already had to turn away several interested parties.
  • This sponsorship does not change any of your abilities to raise concerns with a sponsor’s service, as long as you’re respecting our forum rules while doing so :slight_smile:

I want to give a final thank you to both our sponsors for believing in the community enough to sponsor it. And as always, thank you to everyone here for sharing your knowledge with one-another to make privacy & security as accessible as possible.

-Henry :wave:


So glad to see more exposure for Notesnook, it’s my favorite app for note-taking, and their custom themes support is so nice.


I’ve been using Notesnook for some weeks now and got a paid subscription, very happy with it.


I was trying to like notesnook in the beginning of this year, but it was like beta. Now after reding this announcement i decided to try it once again.
And this time it was love from the first sight. All that i needed in one app, not too simple and not too complicated. Every tool has its place and its place is customisable. This is the app i am happily pay for.

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Thank you NotesNook! You definitely acquired me as a new customer after the interview video.
Some feedback for Henry: you should consider trying NotesNook alongside cryptee more. It‘s not just a great software, but being familiar with the quality of the products of your sponsor is important (you mentioned in a recent surveillance report QnA that you haven’t used it much).

We are really proud to be able to support such an amazing community! Thank you Henry for this!

To everyone,

If you have any requests, questions, or otherwise just want to chat, feel free to comment here. I’ll be checking this discussion regularly.


I’m not that tech savvy when it comes to encryption, so I’m going to take Henry’s word for it that Notesnook is private. As of today I see no reason not to trust that this app is private. I don’t have a question to ask but I do have some suggestions for the website. You’re free to reject any of my proposals but I’d like to hear your rationale if you do.



Under FAQs the answer to “Why not free?” should be altered. Right now it says:

This sentence is confusing and hard to read. Saying “Free is not private” is wrong. Many services have a free product included in their business model, like ProtonVPN or Windscribe, and your very website has a free tier so I propose this:

I feel like this answer is more concise and readable. Plus who doesn’t love throwing shade at Google and FB?

This is the answer to “Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?” and it should have a hyperlink on “guide”, right now it doesn’t.

When I click on your blog at the top of the website it goes to https://blog.notesnook.com/, but when I click blog at the bottom I get sent to https://blog.streetwriters.co/, which is not the same thing. The social media URLs on the bottom of the page are set to “streetwriters”, not Notesnook. I’m assuming this is left over from whatever website template you guys used to make the site. If that’s the case, then it sounds like development of the website is very rushed.


I can go on, but from what I’ve seen it’s obvious you’re not a native English speaker; which isn’t a bad thing. (I’m assuming you speak some dialect of Arabic as your first language.) I just think the website would be a lot more nicer if someone else could go through all the grammar. There are a lot of inconsistencies that need to be polished for the website to be perfect. This entire reply is probably going to come off harsh but I’d like to see this app succeed, and one of the first steps is fixing the site. I hope you guys only get better with time, and thanks for making the app in the first place! I know development isn’t easy.

Hi Abdullah,

Great job on Notesnook. I’m a Pro user, and I’ve been using the app for some time now. I really like it.

However, on the desktop version, I’m looking forward to a time when I’ll be able to delete Obsidian, and use just Notesnook. Hopefully that’d be soon :slight_smile:

Perhaps I’ll share my feature wishlist later. But for now, I seem to have encountered some trouble while exporting a note to PDF.

I’m getting this message for one particular note:

Failed to export the note “notename”. Cannot find module ‘prismjs’. Require stack: -electron/js2c/renderer_init

When i had an inline math formula, the error was regarding the module ‘katex’ instead of ‘prismjs’.

This note is also not getting exported through the iOS app.

The content of the note is basic Markdown from tools within Notesnook.

Would be great if you could help out with this. Thanks!

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