Welcoming Our First Forum Sponsor—Ente, Open Source & E2EE Photo Storage 👋

Hello forum community, today I am excited to announce we have accepted our first ever Techlore forum sponsor—let me introduce them and fill you all in!

Ente is an open source, E2EE photo backup solution. They’ve recently been discussed on the forum:

And most recently their authenticator has been an up & coming MFA option, especially now that it requires no account:

Their CEO @vishnukvmd is also here on the forum with a verified badge :wave: You can read more about their team on their webpage:

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, this sponsorship means Ente is now featured in the sidebar on both desktop and mobile:


I want to give a warm thank you to Ente for sponsoring this community and helping us keep its lights on. These communities are not easy to host, maintain, and moderate—and it’s because of support like this that we can have such a great community here :heart:

General reminders:

  • Ente and all other sponsors all agree to respect our strict sponsorship criteria—no exceptions are made and we have already had to turn away several interested parties for the forum slot.
  • This sponsorship does not change any of your abilities to raise concerns with a sponsor’s service, as long as you’re respecting our forum rules while doing so :slight_smile:

I want to give a final thank you to Ente for believing in the community enough to sponsor it. And as always, thank you to everyone here for sharing your knowledge with one-another to make privacy & security as accessible as possible.

-Henry :wave:


Yay, congrats on the first sponsor!! :sparkling_heart::tada:


Hey Henry, happy to be here! :green_heart:

I’ve a soft corner for privacy-communities because they’re notoriously hard to moderate.

The quality of discussions on this forum is amazing and I’m happy we could endorse the cause.

If anyone has questions or feedback around Ente, do let us know, I’ll be lurking :slight_smile:


Can we recover ente account? Suppose If I want to login through my account and not have my email with me, can I login to ente account only with passwords?

Hey, yes, email verification is optional. You can toggle this within Settings > Security.

Hello, Can I change or login only with my password, now I have no access to account and I cannot change anything. Now, can I login only with account password?

Hey, if you have email verification turned on, it acts like your 2FA. Please reach out to support@ente.io, and we’ll help unblock you once you correctly answer a series of security questions.


Does ente supports Linux snaps and flatpaks plus appimages

Only AppImages.


Though, it has auto-update support.


Hey, we support AppImages. You can grab the latest one @ https://ente.io/download

We have an open issue for adding support for Flatpaks @ Add flatpak package · Issue #88 · ente-io/photos-desktop · GitHub


Thank you very much! We’re excited too :slight_smile:


Thanks sir hope ente can succeed in the future

Thanks at least its better than using Ubuntu ppas

this forum will live, I am so happy. :face_holding_back_tears:


Alright sounds good Henry as long as I get to be skeptical of everything lol.

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Oh awesome! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Ente looks great! And I’m looking to get on it soon.

I did have a question: Does Ente also have the option of stripping metadata while uploading? Or even immediately after clicking and saving the picture?

It’d be lovely if i could take a picture on iOS, and the picture gets directly saved and uploaded to Ente, without any metadata except the date of clicking. Also simultaneously gets deleted from Apple Photos.

Clearly, i daydreamed a bit :smile:

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We don’t strip metadata. Since your data and metadata are both stored end-to-end encrypted, we haven’t had many requests for this. But I can imagine use cases for not wanting to retain this information, so have added this to our roadmap: Option to strip EXIF metadata before upload · Issue #1402 · ente-io/photos-app · GitHub

Deleting items from the local gallery on iPhones requires explicit user consent (else malicious apps would have a field day). What you could do is disable iCloud backups from device settings (Settings > [Your name] > iCloud > Photos), and then clear items that have been backed up to Ente by heading to Backup Settings > Free up space :slight_smile:


That’s lovely! Thank you for considering it! :slight_smile:

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I hope to see the interview from Henry with you guys.

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