Web Based Youtube alternative

I run Newpipe on my phone and I love it but I haven’t found anything for my computer that’s on the web.

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NewPipe is a YouTube frontend, not exactly an alternative.

Are you asking for an alternative to YouTube itself? If so there’s PeerTube, LBRY and others.

Desktop frontends for YouTube? If you’re on Linux there are several options we could discuss. Not sure about Windows.

Running YouTube as a Brave Browser PWA is an amazing option, in my opinion, but let us know what exactly you mean.


To be honest, I’ve found success with just using regular YouTube on hardened Firefox without logging in and having Firefox dump cookies at the end of a session automatically. It feels like it works because every time I come back to the YouTube home page I get what looks like the default page for any new person. The moment I look up something niche it floods the home page with that subject because that’s all it has to go off, lol.

On a similar note, I do the same thing for YouTube Music. Full YouTube library but with their more focused front end. Helps me while working to have just a music player open instead of all of YouTube.


You can use Invidious Invidious Instances - Invidious Documentation to browse YouTube on the web without directly going to the YouTube website. It’s similar to Newpipe in that it just plays the videos from YouTube’s servers directly but without all the JavaScript and tracking of the normal YouTube website. If you don’t want to make direct connections to YouTube’s servers you can change the setting ‘Proxy videos’ in the settings page and it will proxy the connection through the instance instead similar to Piped.

You can also use Piped Instances · TeamPiped/Piped Wiki · GitHub which proxies YouTube videos to you so only the instance itself will see the video that you are requesting. Your browser will not make any direct connections with YouTube.

There is also the FreeTube client which utilises either YouTube directly or proxies the connection through Invidious. However it is a desktop client available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Not quite sure if this was what you were asking for, but I hope this helps :slight_smile:


What is your objective?

I ask because you mention a “Youtube alternative” but then mention Newpipe (which is an alternative frontend for Youtube, but obviously not an alternative to Youtube itself.

If you are looking for something like this for desktop you should look at Piped, it is self-hostable but there are public instances to use (for example piped.kavin.rocks). There is also freetube which is a desktop app available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Just make sure you understand that these are just alternative ways to access Youtube, not an actual alternative to youtube.

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I should have made this more clear, but I’m looking for a front end that is preferably web-based


I’m looking for a front end, preferably web-based.

In that case I think Piped is what you want

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+1 for Piped.

Also, if you use Piped, I suggest switching from using NewPipe on your phone to LibreTube. Your subscriptions will then be synced across devices.


Maybe VueTube (early) https://vuetube.app/


Hope it’s okay If I ask through here. I have a question If I continued through the youtube page without the pop up that says if you wanna accept our terms of service, if that’s possible to not every single time have to deny it. Or does that require some cookies to remember the webpage not to ask again?

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LibreTube is a lot more modern and has a lot more features. But NewPipe is going through a rewrite, so let’s hope that it will get a lot better.

It should remember your preference, I’m not sure why it doesn’t.

Thx for responding. I use newpipe or pipepipe a bug fixed one on my android and I use the webpage on my computer, but for some strange reason it just doesn’t remember my preference as you mentioned, and so annoying to keep notifying it over and over again.

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You can take a look at this: Frontends - Privacy Guides

Maybe some of these frontends will work for you. I personally use https://piped.kavin.rocks to watch YouTube on my browser.

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Thx man really appreciate it. I will take a look at it :smiley: