Voting and Address Privacy in the US

I’ve been using Michael Bazzell’s data removal guide and have been having trouble with in particular. Their opt-out form isn’t working; every time I submit an opt-out request, it tells me that I need to use a legitimate email address. I thought they might have detected the fact that I was using an aliasing service and provided a fresh ProtonMail address, but it still did not work. They also don’t seem to have any kind of contact page.

I eventually decided not to bother, given that a successful opt-out request would only remove the house number, which means that my address down to the exact street I live on would remain public and easily searchable. It seems that I have no choice but to get to the root of the problem and simply remove myself from my county’s voter rolls. I plan to move soon anyway, so this works out for me, but I’m not sure I want to register in my new state.

It seems that it’s impossible to keep your address off these sites if you register to vote in the US. Short of becoming a South Dakota nomad, is there no other way to remain a registered voter while preventing your address from being publicly accessible?

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Have you considered not registering at your home address.
My mailing address is at my legally owned property where I do not sleep every night. Nit getting too personal but it is in the same state and in the same voting area, significant to my concerns.
In the future, I’m considering selling said property and “moving” around a little but to remove actual “previous” address.

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Time is on your side, consider how frequently you vote in fact you probably can create a decent timeline from your next election. Evaluate your new state laws and see what you can get away with in your new state. You only have to prove you live some where at the moment. A reasonable requirement in some states is 30 days after you move you should have proof of residency. I bet if you do a reverse search for a mail box service you will find people who have PII stating they live there all ready.
Your mailing address can easily be different than your home address. My Honda loan is mailed to one addressed and “garaged” at another address. They want me to pay so they will send the bill anywhere. You may not need a lease agreement just a paper bill. Medical Bills are just as easy. In fact my health insurance is in a different address then my physical address, and my state issued ID address. The Dr. Office will send your mail anywhere. All this proof of residency needs to be recent but history doesn’t hurt…
I have not tried changing my Verizon contract mailing address but I don’t live at that mailing address either! Which reminds me if you have family you share a phone plan with those are great options for long term address.
Once you get your new ID do your Voter registration or what ever and move again. Don’t turn in your “lost ID”. Use this for identification to anyone but LEO or you know real legal reasons where you would get in trouble. I use one to purchase beer. Disclaimer I’m at work not drinking now, I’m just kinda dumb sounding :slight_smile: worked 58 hours in 4 days, one was a 10 hour day.

Try not creating a new bill to establish POR. Change your mind set about it.

A note about your “lost ID”, the fed state you have to get a new state issue photo like every 16 years, online renewals are just fantastic. That is a hell of a bargain in my opinion.

One more option that is not free but is well established. Check out Escapees RV club.

I just thanked this community for being a sounding board. You mentioned SD nomad and I would like to hear how you would go about setting this up, specifically with your desire to vote.
Reminding you there is no such thing as multi-tasking but there are parallel and serial task.

Hearing a good reason not to use Escapees would be great because one of my wild child kids is looking at more of a nomadic life and Escapees is one mail handling location I recommended.

In your travels with removing your data have you checked this out. My employer is using the service and I intend to opt out.

The escapees “membership” offers would be manageable depending on the delivery service. I am considering gifting a membership to one of my kids just for the mail forwarding.
A big deal for me is having the same state drivers license. In fact I’m working up a how to get a DL in the next closest state to me. Which is also has the closest major airport.