VoIP Recommendations?

VoIP.ms rejected my account.

Can anyone recommend other reputable VoIP services?

I just want a number solely for 2FA with no contacts and not in anybody else’s contact list. I was intrigued by VoIP.ms Toll Free number option since those number aren’t location specific.

Basically I’m looking for something like Google voice where I can receive text and voicemail from the browser application but I can also get a fresh number w/o attaching my number to it and it’s not Google.

If I can’t get that I’ll just get an eSim for my 2nd sim spot in my work phone.

Try jmp.chat. You can use it through xmpp and pay with crypto. But before buying the number make sure it’s accepted by the service you’re signing up for, since a lot of companies block VoIP numbers.

You wouldn’t happen to have an invite code for jmp.chat would you? @smart

this is really cool just not practical at the moment. will probably switch to this later on!

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No crypto for me for now. Will be setting up an xmpp soon but I don’t have one yet. I’m only using this 2FA number for YT, Twitter and any other accounts that ask for a number.

I think I’m gonna get a number thru ting since it’s the simple for what I have at the moment.