Virtual Credit Card / Prepaid CC in the EU

I’ve been looking for a alternative, or a Prepaid CC available in the EU / Germany.
Are there any services which are recommended?

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You could try Revolut. With them, you are able to use disposable virtual cards that free users can also use these days.


Abine, has DeleteMe services I believe in Germany, they have an app which I use called IronVest with virtual cards addressed in New York, for me. I do not know how that would work for your use case.

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Sounds interesting
“masked credit cards” are only available in US, is it KYC, do I need an US ID?

No, i just started work, but I will respond if you have more questions. Search this forum or an internet search will lead you to that service. Techlore did a second interview with the company a couple weeks ago.

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Are you looking for security or for privacy? If it’s only a matter of security stick to Revolut disposable cards. If it is for privacy the only viable option I have found for the EU, is buying Virtual Prepaid cards using Monero on Cake Pay.

When you do that you will be asked to give out a full name and address to be associated with the card but they all can be fake. There are websites you can use to generate fake information for that purpose.


I do not recommend Revolut. They are like Paypal. They require all of your ID, including photo ID and a 4k resolution photo of your left testicle, and will retain that data if you delete your account for at least 6 years. I made the mistake of creating an account with them.

Abine/Ironvest only works in North America for their virtual cards services as well as their DeleteMe service. For DeleteMe, I believe they are trialling other countries.

I have hesitated using DeleteMe (despite offering a trial run in my country). My issue with them is that they have to cross-reference your personal information with all kinds of services. Of course, the purpose is to remove your information, but in the process of doing so you have to verify whether such information exists in the first place with sites that you absolutely do not want having your information. I think it’s ideal for someone who has made very bad privacy decisions for a long period of time. Personally, I’m already somewhat of a ghost, and it would be hurting my privacy to use something like DeleteMe given my higher threat model.

There is a service called ezzocard (.com). I think they’re worth looking into.

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The reason Revolut requires this data is because they are a bank not a disposable card service. There are certain laws and regulations they need to follow, in order to comply with these laws they need a valid ID to open an account.

Unfortunately, Revolut is the only solid solution for residents in Europe at the moment.


Pretty much what @Why8337 said. Revolut is basically a bank with an actual banking license which means they have to abide by AML and KYC regulations.

But this is exactly why I said “if it’s just a matter of security” in my post. Because like it or not in the EU Revolut is basically the only real alternative to a centralized service like

If you want to make purchases privately, get yourself a virtual prepaid Visa or Mastercard from Cake Pay with Monero.

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Dont need to thank me :wink:

This service is only for Crypto payments but OP wanted a service like to make non-crypto payments.

with fcfpay you can load your crypto debit card with crypto currency and pay for services wherever visa and mastercard is accepted

Im Impressed how well that works.
I just bought two prepaid CC with Monero. (one euro, one usd)

i tried buying smthing with the euro one on an american webiste and it got rejected, but the usd one it did work fine.
And in the “KYC” section when getting the card, only the email should be legit because they may send you sceond factor codes there.

What service did u go for?

I used Cakepay to buy Prepaid CC with Monero

IronVest from Abine has been my go too lately. Need to work on Cake.