Videogames chats

It can’t be used as a tool at all, but just out of curiosity, were the chats and also the private chats inside videogames private 15, 10 years ago? :joy: Were there any tools on the side of the developers to see them back in that time?

Pretty sure most developers could and still can see chat between players.

I remember one of the developers of an old now defunct Disney MMO telling a story where he was playing the game in a group with two other players, and as a developer he could see their “whisper” messages to each-other, and they were making fun of his skills on the game he made, without knowing he was a developer.

I think it’s pretty safe to assume any game chat is not private, which I don’t think is much of a problem because I’m sure most players know better than to share personal information in the Minecraft DM’s.

Edit: Full Disney story if anyone is interested

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Micecraft added a feature which enabled reported messages to be viewed by its developer Mojang. The implementation caused mods like No Chat Reports to be developed which includes optional chat encryption functionality.

the devs can almost always see what you type on those chats so don’t give any personal info away (or say anything you don’t want the devs to know)

Most games have some sort of filter to remove curse words and racial slurs, so it’s clear that the game is either reading your messages client side or server side (usually the latter).