Video Recommendation - Hardware Security Keys and Use with Custom ROMs

As a video recommendation for Techlore or The New Oil, I think a good topic is an overview and use instructions hardware security keys. Topics of the video could include:

  • Basic overview of hardware 2FA and it’s security benefits over TOTP. It’s downsides over TOTP (e.g., needing a second key for a backup)
  • Overview of common providers to consider, such as YubiKey, NitroKey, and SoloKey
  • Set up instructions with non-custom ROM device
  • Set up instructions for a custom ROM, such as GrapheneOS

We have a Yubikey video already recorded from our May recording session. But more in-depth content should soon follow.

Also, Nate/TNO isn’t here (I’ll keep peer-pressuring him), so you’ll have to contact them individually. Though I’m fairly certain they’ve already made some U2F content.

Thanks for the reply! The main content I think is missing is how to set up U2F with custom ROMs. In general, I agree that some more basic U2F content exists on Techlore, TNO, and elsewhere.

U2F isn’t actually supported on a lot of ROMs, and AFAIK gOS only added support for it very recently, so it makes sense why there’s no content yet surrounding it.