Using "AT&T ActiveArmor" privately

ActiveArmor is the only app that will completely block most spam texts and calls from disturbing my device. However, the app scans what apps you have installed to make sure they are “safe”. There seems to be no way to turn this off without breaking the call-text blocking (by blocking network comms). How do I solve this issue? Thanks.

(Also, RoboKiller cannot block SMS spam, just flag it. That might be a solution I’ll have to accept to at least get call blocking.)

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i am one who does not use texting. any app job application, banking situation, or anything else that needs a text verification does not get my patronage because i root my phone and remove the texting capability.

texting is a front door to hack your device. your better off without it.

use telegram to video text and file drop. if the people cant telegram text you then they arnt realy wanting to talk to you bad enough. their loss not yours.

thell them they can email you instead if they need to.

While this may be true for some people, others may need to use SMS. Keep that in mind when answering questions, as getting an answer like this doesn’t really help.

I think that @Xentra is asking whether ActiveArmor can be used privately. They are trying to block spam texts, which the advice above doesn’t really help with.

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This is a more blaring security issue than using SMS.

This doesn’t exactly answer your question, but have you thought about setting some custom notification rules to silence unknown texts and calls? This would eliminate the need to trust an app, and you can always manually clear the spam as you need it.

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That’s a good idea, I might do that.