User Agent extensions are not going to help?

Chromium based browsers will move to the menifest V3 ( I dont know they already moved or not). My question is, Then extensions like user agent switcher / randomizer will work on browser ? If dont , what is the solution ? What about Brave Browser ? If brave browser will implement Menifest V3 then how it gona prevent tracking ?

I know there is some issues with V3, against tracking/ad blocking, but haven’t heard anything about user-agent switching. Do you have a source?

Doing a quick DDG search, I came across THIS on Stack Overflow. Apparently the OP managed to solve their issues. I assume that so long as the extension is updated, it should work.

As for Brave. I recall hearing awhile back that the Brave Shield is not utilizing extension tools. So it should completely bypass Manifest V3. Looking at this git issue, 3rd party extensions should also still be supported, with it patched in. Brave should also be introducing their own extension store.