URGENT : Unknown devices connected to network

I was logging into my router settings when I noticed I have 71 devices logged in. yes 71

earlier it used to be just 12-13.
all the wifi connections are devices I know, but the ethernet connections are unknown except 3 and have static IPs.
the known ehternet connections are an android TV and PS4.
I turned on my PS4 after a long time today and it was refusing to connect.

I can’t understand how is this happening.

Do you have any devices that randomize MAC, like Graphene or Qubes?

It’s best you call an IT technician. You could also talk to customer support. I would refresh the router and do a lightweight wireshark analyze of the suspected connections.

It’s hard to tell anything from the info you provided. It realy could be anything from a infected firmware hooked up to a botnet or your router logging all possible MAC’s that are connected like @OrwellianDenigrate suggested could be the reason.

No. It’s definitely not what you’re suggesting.

I keep tabs on all devices connected to my internet since I learnt how to configure router.
Except 10 devices, I don’t recognise any other.

I am sort of a watchdog of my router connections since I learnt how to configure it and no, it’s definitely not all the old MAC addresses.

I recognise all my household devices and rest 50-60 are unknown to me.

I don’t know how to reset the router, when I reboot the connections are lost but then they connect on their own, I changed my Wifi pass and still nothing since the unknown devices are connected via Ethernet. Its just so mind boggling.

the problem is, these unknown devices aren’t using Wi-Fi, they’re using Ethernet connection which doesn’t make sense.

My initial theory is there’s a problem with the router login page and its showing me all devices in my building since everyone uses the same ISP.

Though you’re botnet theory also has substance, I have also heard Michael Bazzell talk about that.

I can send you screenshots via message so maybe you can guess?

the static IP of the unknown multiple Ethernet connections is the same as the IP I use to login into the router settings.

Its so scary.


Is it your device making the connections, or multiple different devices on your network?

If it’s 60 connections from your device, you can check the network information on your device to see which process has open connections.

Model name? A reset button should be available in any router. You will kinda have to find it on your own.

Try disconnecting the ethernet cable that connects your router and computer. If the issue still persists then you might have an infected firmware. Else you might have an misconfigured/infected machine.

i found it! i am going to do everything you said here tonight and update tomorrow.

what’s weird is all wifi connections are devices i own.
but all these weird ethernet connections are unknown devices.


like i said, i see loads of unknown devices conected to my router on the login page but its not a wifi problem.
all these unknown connections are via ethernet which should not be possible.

the problem is still ongoing. not solved yet.