UP Smartphone, a potential honeypot

If you look at “their” web chat client web.unplugged.com, you can see it make a request to web.unplugged.com/config.json. It’s literally just fucking matrix lmao!
It also includes a section for jitsi, pointing to jt.unplugged.com.

I knew it, lol. These guys don’t look like they have the smarts or overhead to build their own apps. What’s the post-year subscription paying for, then?
It drives me mad because obvious scam projects like these make people skeptical of anything claiming to offer privacy, and giving genuine projects a bad name.

Correct, they do not. Their AV app is illegally stolen from DivestOS too:

Freedom Phone 2.0 lol

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Kenny is right, this does glow pretty hard. GrapheneOS is pretty neat so you shouldn’t be using any non-FOSS alternatives to it if you care about your smartphone privacy to that extent.

In general buying products from raging asshole war criminals like Prince is a terrible idea.

He scams and murders for a living.

I’m putting up a post on a company called MURENA.

check it out:


fast forward to 6:06

Wait…Erik Prince of BLACKWATER?

If that’s him, anyone buying this phone is a fool.

If that’s him, anyone buying this phone is a fool.

Most likely being targeted at super pro-military, pro-2A MAGA republican types - the kinds of people who would praise a war criminal, so I can’t say I would feel particularly bad about them being scammed by this.
Same thing as what Freedom Phone is doing. Their site says the phone now comes with the Tesla and Twitter apps out of respect for what Musk is doing for “freespeach,” as if having Candace Owens shilling their shit wasn’t enough to show that they’re heavily marketing towards idiot conservatives that are easily flattered by the words “freedom” and “liberty.”

I’m putting up a post on a company called MURENA.

From what I can tell, this is just a cheap Chinese brand phone bulk-ordered from AliExpress, Pixels and Fairphones being resold with /e/ installed. Not even worth a second glance.

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I got some feedback along with some links about MURENA. Take a look and read the links. You might be pleasantly surprised.