Unsubscribe vs anonymous emails

I use anonaddy for setting up alias emails (will give use case below).

I do this so I can disable those alias emails rather than ‘unsubscribe’ from marketing lists.
(once I have setup an email/account for a purchase transaction - that gives the seller permission to - well - spam me to death, so disabling that email eliminates a ton of spam)

've noticed that many (all?) marketing emails are coming in via a 3rd party bulk email providers (hubspot, trk.klclick, etc…) many companies don’t even hide behind an alias domain when blasting their lists.

When I click ‘unsubscribe’ - I am being sent to these 3rd parties - which I assume are tracking me - even tracking me just to unsubscribe.

I find it easier to disable my alias - the emails stop - the bulk email provider is receiving a bounce and no one ever knows I was there.

Am I going overboard - or anyone else finding a similar solution?

Use Case:

  • purchase a product from company ‘wesellcrap.com’.
  • setup an alias such as: ‘wesellcrap@mail.mydomain.com’ (where my non-alias email is MYNAME@mydomain.com, so using a subdomain of ‘mail.mydomain.com
  • use the alias for all my purchase/shipping tracking
  • once the transaction is over - disable ‘wesellcrap@mail.mydomain.com’.
  • IF I want to receive promotional emails (I rarely do) - then I sign up with an email such as ‘promos-wesellcrap@mail.itsamsg.com’ I then use a sieve script to look for the ‘promos-’ and route those emails to a special folder/label I use only for promotional emails.
  • If I want to purchase from ‘wesellcrap’ - I just enable that alias - or I may even just do a new alias.

(note: use protonmail - works great with anonaddy - my anonymous email service - and with sieve scripts)


I think that’s a wise and fairly common use.
I do the same.

Same here. I dont bother with the promos. I just subscribe to wesellcrap.com’s RSS feed and get updated that way.

A surprisingly large number of product sites use similar systems that publish RSS feeds automatically and dont know it lol. And if the site doesnt have one, I make one myself. :slight_smile:

I use simplelogin with the browser plugin and mostly just generate a new alias when I buy something online, with the few sites where I actually want to receive emails I just reuse the alias.