UniFi Products - Private?

I like UniFi security products. I saw on youtube. UniFi security products are differ from other Networking and security products. But I am worried about privacy for buying those products. Are those products private. The security camera products can by accessed by other third parties ?

I’ve been using Ubiquitis UniFi for a few years now. You do need to create an account with them, and your account is then used to login to the hardware. Thankfully you can use an alias, and they do not need more than a Username, Email, and Password. You can also delete the account, pretty easily.

Like pretty much all off the shelf networking equipment, they will ping servers. These pings are for heartbeat, NTP, speed test, updates, and login.

Now it should be noted that Ubiquitis UniFi is prosumer, going into enterprise gear. As a rule, this bracket is a lot more security oriented than some other consumer brands. If Ubiquiti was collecting data, spying, etc, I think that would be well known. You’re not dealing with any Trend Micro BS, here.

As for their Protect hardware. Everything is saved locally, not sent to their own servers. It’s arguably one of the best privacy setups you can get, if you want this kind of IoT hardware. It’s a shame that it’s not really feasible for most people to use in their homes. Ethernet wiring (for PoE) isn’t as abundant as it is in a company building.