Ultimate USB Forum build!

We had a good conversation about what would you do if you had a spare USB thumb drive. I liked the direction of that conversation.
I would like to edit this comment for a guide for others to build an Ultimate USB Tool.

Installing Ventoy first as it requires a format of the thumb drive. Then install PortableApps to launch and update windows portable apps.

Tails has been ran from Ventoy. The recommended practice is to install Tails traditionally then you can access the Linux programs on your Ultimate USB. You can also create an encrypted volume on your Ultimate USB for your TailsOS to access. This redundant dual USB setup allows you to have a Vanilla TailsOS not just for utility but for the intended use of Tails, isolated from your personl files.

Video references for Ventoy:
Chris Titus Video on Ventoy
Switch to Linux Video on Ventoy

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