Ublock Origin vs Decentraleyes

Ublock origin block ads, malicious scripts and other tracking techniques ? What about Decentraleyes extension ? What does it improve privacy ? Does ublock origin do all the work of Decentraleyes ? Should I install it on firefox ? Brave has a built in adblocker. Does it do all the work of Decentraleyes ?

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From my understanding, yes uBlockO does all the work of decentraleyes. Plus i don’t know that decentraleyes is in active development, so it’s less secure.

Decentraleyes should be avoided for a number of reasons. If you’re using Firefox with Total Cookie Protection enabled, then it’s redundant and unneeded. And for privacy, I’ll just quote Privacy Guides:

CDN extensions never really improved privacy as far as sharing your IP address was concerned and their usage is fingerprintable as this Tor Project developer points out. They are the wrong tool for the job and are not a substitute for a good VPN or Tor. Its worth noting the resources for Decentraleyes are hugely out of date and would not be likely used anyway.