U2f be have support for mobile phones already

Iam now saying u2f you people use security keys be have on phones to say this iam talking about your fingerprint scanner under your screen or you use older phones be same to back of your phone say this your phone get u2f out of box people don’t realized like roblox and google start implied on own google services like u2f google supports mobile u2f this be like security keys only different his connect to your phone same to like security keys works

How u2f works on mobile same how security keys works only different you use your phone be like your security key and connect to your website or something else this be like connection 2 devices make like u2f state on top


I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you wanted to say. Please reformulate.

Actually his different to u2f now android devices start be have same features like security keys

I do not use the biometric security features on any device, for no reason in particular.
I could see a benefit over SMS using device biometrics as long as it is all in the device.