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That’s not the only thing Twitter has been doing in regards to data collection.


With all the medical breaches recently, my concerns have gone up with medical data.

Changed my medical mailing address to a PO Box only used for work/medical as health insurance is linked.

Being a bad ass Alpha male my family adult children who need to get a job not all use my medical insurance.

Now another issue my closest genetic relative wants to do a genetic test, What??? With the accuracy of these test like if a distant cousin gets a test is that enough for the whole tribe.

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I wish all my Friends would walk away from twitter. :frowning:

I am probably going to switch off my Twitter account.

wake up babe new melon husk spyware module dropped

Would not be surprised if X (the social media formerly known as twitter) does not just replace LinkedIn, even if you do not have a X account a profile will be generated for you and an HR companies AI manager could interview your AI avatar before you apply for a job.
It’s not FUD if it’s real!

I Wish Twitter to be closed permanently because no one should use this scambag of a website and no matter what they said Instagram threads isn’t better