TV shows, movies and anime for free FOSS app

Wondering if anyone has heard of the app Cloudstream-3 because there aren’t any posts about it on here. It’s an open source, adfree TV show, movie and anime streaming app just like Netflix with even more functionality, all for free.

Github repo:
Hopefully someone benefits from this app as I have. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sadly it’s only on Android so here’s that download link too:


I don’t really understand what this is. Does it use those sketchy KissAnime-esque sites as video sources or does it stream from a server like Plex?

I believe its a app that searches the web on domains listed in the app and displays it in a Netflix style fashion, no Plex required :slightly_smiling_face:

I used Cloudstream-1 for a while, it basically searches the web and displays movies and series from different streaming website mirrors. You can choose which ones to watch from.

I found no issues or trackers with the app last I checked and it’s FOSS.
It only connects to the websites associated with the streaming and I think it’s a pretty good app.

However I used V1 so maybe V3 had some changes I am unaware of.

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@Tony Cloudstream-1 seems almost identical to V3, but may I ask if maybe you found a better app for this purpose since you stopped using it?

Seems like some glorified torrent downloader with a frontend lol. Crunchyroll videos can be pulled using the terminal just saying. And the website has free content with “unavoidable” ads if you know what I mean. Piracy is more private than Netflix that is undeniable but the risk of downloading something sketchy is higher. Downloading the right media in the right format, resolution, language, or even the right season of a long running show is a nightmare even with the help of services like Sonarr and Radarr. Bluray’s I think should be everyone’s goal. They can viewed offline, through plex, emby, jellyfin, and kodi. Can be ripped legally and they support the creator directly. Triple WIN, more anime, more privacy, more freedom.

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The app actually straight up got removed from my device.
This was after it not functioning for a couple weeks, nothing was being displayed and the service stopped working. So naturally I stopped using it and later noticed it just wasn’t there anymore, which was very strange because this had never happened to me before.

I tried investigating and came around a post somewhere that said the app had been pulled out due to copyright problems; and I didn’t find it on Github at the time so I just walked it off.

It actually came to me as a surprise that someone mentioned Cloudstream here as I thought It was just gone.
Is the app really working for you?

Yeah I’ve been using V3 for a while now, and it’s worked perfectly for watching a lot of different content. At one point, the repo was taken down for Copyright issues, same thing like when you used it. But it was back on Github almost immediately so I didn’t have the app deleted or anything.

I see. Thanks for bringing it up!

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