Trying to buy games anonymously on GOG (not a US resident)

I want to buy games from because they’re selling DRM-free games. The problem is they’re only accepting credit cards, PayPal and Skrill/Paysafecard. Also, I’m not a US resident.

I’ve paid with crypto for a pre-paid US card, but the transaction keeps getting declined because “payments must be processed in the US”.
So I’ve tried to register pseudonymously for a PayPal account (used SMSPool for burner number), but it was immediately blocked for suspicious activity.

I just want to use Monero and not go through KYC services (use fake information).
So I’m asking if anyone knows another way I can use my Monero to purchase games from GOG or how to get an anonymous/pseudonymous Skrill/Paysafecard card/account (I don’t even know how these services work).

Help please?

Its hard to be honest.
The only true way for me is to buy a prepaid card physically or as mentioned before a prepaid card for crypto.

Are you using a VPN? And if so what one?
I’d guess they black listed IPs from buying anything from the store if this is also the case if the card used needs to be in the US. As per the GOG website.

“If your country (based on your IP address) is supported by these payment methods, they will be made available to you in Checkout.”

Have you also tried looking for a card based on you country, or is it not possible?

Paypal may also be doing the same thing with the SMS solution aswell for security reasons.

Yes, I use ProtonVPN.

I’m pretty sure prepaid cards in my country also require KYC.

Doesn’t this already answer your question? Go to your local store and a paysafecard (PSC) there with cash.
When you’re on your PC, connect to a private VPN (or use TOR, but slow downloadspeed), go to GOG, create an account with a random mail address and pay with the PSC you bough with cash.

This made you get the game as close to anonymously as possible. Now you download the install files and never touch that GOG account again.

Paysafecard - looking for sales outlets | English might help you for buying a PSC anonymously.

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As I mentioned, I’m not a US resident. That’s why I’ve asked if it’s possible to get those online with crypto.

They’re available in most countries. In stores. Assuming you are an adult, try to look around the cashiers, there’s where they have it here.
If you want to buy them officially online, you need an account and I do not know how you can pay for them. You also only want to buy them from the official source, as they are region locked. Means that you can not use a PSC from France in Germany for example.

I’ve checked, those are not available in my country.

Sucks, then I sadly can’t help you. Good luck figuring it out!

You can buy them being a minot too. They have no age restriction. Just to clarify. :smiley: