Try not to be evil

Try not to be evil

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Interesting, I have wanted to read more books on digital privacy and security. Did you read this book? If so what did you think about it? And which other topic related books do you like? I personally love Edward Snowden’s book: Permanent Record.

I really enjoyed Permanent Record.
It’s interesting to read James Clapper’s account of the Snowden affair in his book--

Even though he has you as a captive audience as you read the book and can spin things anyway he likes without interruption, he still somehow manages to come off as a scumbag.

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That is honestly quite sad for James Clapper :joy:. I might give it a read, although I don’t want to give any financial compensation to the man.

Libraries are helpful in that regard.

Its a decent book, an acquintance of mine reviewed it here: Reflections on Edward Snowden’s Personal Record

The best book on privacy is by Carissa Veliz, read her essay that inspired it here: Privacy is power

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Interesting, I will give it a read when I find some time since it is quite long for me to read.

Thanks for the suggestion @freddy!

…with impunity :rage:

Wouldn’t recommend wasting time or money on the fantastical claims of a discredited liar.