Trusted Anti procastination tools recommendations required

I have been looking into open source anti procrastination tools that can help me with my procrastination problems but I am kinda out of luck. I am on Windows platform and it would be of great help if someone recommends me a great anti-procrastination software. I have kept this post uncategorised so feel free to do general discussions about procrastination and innovative ideas to combat it. As a developer it’s increasingly stressful to deal with the increased stress one has to face of starting the work 3 days before deadline. With the news about all the layoffs, by anxiety of being jobless only fuels my habit of procrastination more. It’s like I know I have got to work, but I don’t which is frustrating.

Few of my findings include Pluckeye, Accountable2You; both of the apps use really large set of permissions and the closed source model of the apps really makes me not wanting to trust these specific apps.

For my Mac i’ve found Selfcontrol which is a trusted and well received app in the community and also open-source. Unfortunately I can’t stick to my Mac and have to use Windows. Please do share your thoughts and advice.

As a student, this is something I have experienced as well. IMHO I find it helpful to address the root cause rather than symptoms. Just like with privacy or anything, countermeasures come last. Here is a resource that I found helpful.

If you find that feeling stress and anxiety are persistent and overwhelming, consider seeking out support from friends, family or mental health professionals

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I’ve struggled a lot with procrastination. These aren’t software solutions (although there are plenty software implementations), but I find myself combining the Eisenhower Matrix and the Pomodoro Technique. The former allows me prioritize the things that matter while the latter allows for better time management.

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I do use Pomodro to manage my procrastination issues, but I kinda feel hard to start doing the work until the last moment. The eisenhower matrix is a new one to me.

This has happened to me on like multiple occasions. I’m mostly introvert, I hardly get out of my apartment other than going out for work. Yet I hardly find time for myself whereas my co-workers attends parties and stuff and still finds himself on time. I’m kinda jealous at how adept others are at managing their time.

I will look into it. Thanks for sharing.