Trust vs Will with privacy concerns?

Doing a quick search for any service with privacy, seems to bring up that services privacy policy.

Any suggestions on using a Trust with privacy in mind?

I have a Will and plan to convert to a Trust as I have some assets and property I need to handle uniquely. Not asking for Legal advice yes I will talk to my attorney just wanting to research and develop a better understanding and come up with better questions for the attorney.
More too often I get asked what do you want to do with attorneys vs getting advice…

Michael Bazzell covers this topic in “Chapter Seven: Legal Infrastructure” in the fourth edition of his book Extreme Privacy: What it Takes to Disappear. The New Oil also has a brief blog post on this matter, too. I hope this helps. Cheers!

The concern of public information related to land is part of my interest.

With a new phone number I got enough text message information to find one of the previous owners of the number which I discussed here.

This goes outside the “Trust vs Will” topic, but you may also want to look into Limited Liability Corporations for your property. I remember a good chapter on this in J.J.Luna’s “How to be Invisible”.

Here we go down another rabbit hole.

Looking at the county appraisal office website, using trust as a search then sorting out “real” property. A format that looks interesting is using the street address as the trust name. Blending in with this format is an option.

Surveying all previous address uses one that is sensitive to me is one credit card which has the longest credit history. Keeping an old “billing address” but using a different mailing address to receive a new card is questionable. This needs to be resolved before the card expires.

Employment address for W2 “income tax” information. A local PO Box may be suitable since everything is paperless, except for the annual W2. Using a Ghost address that may accidentally get mail in my legal name seems like a bad idea.

In the future selling some land, would change a huge amount of PII. Going through How to disappear has brought up some considerations. What should be done with random junk mail addressed to myself and my family before the sale. Forwarding the mail or just leaving it as is since there is a permanent relation with deed history.