Tp-link shield and my new router

What do you want advice about?
I want to know about the tp-link shield office with my router.

What have you considered or looked at already?
I have read the tp-link website

In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?
I recently bought the tp-link ax3000 wifi router and wanted to know if tp-link shield is any good and would I need anything else to make my internet connection secure.


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I think you will gain much more security from just setting strong and complicated passwords for your Wifi network and for the admin panel on your router (usually

I don’t see any harm in enabling the TP Link shield (did you mean HomeShield? I couldn’t find anything about TP Link shield)

Depending on your technical ability you may want to run open source firmware on your router, I did a quick search but it seems the tp-link ax3000 doesn’t support any open source firmwares. You can read more about what you could consider in the future: Router Firmware - Privacy Guides

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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I did mean the home shield.

Currently I run Manjaro Linux although the other family are on Windows.

Although I don’t worry too much about my machine (even though Linux is not the be all or end all for security). My main concerns are the Windows PC’s as 4 of them are my children’s and they do homework on them.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I would recommend creating a seperate VLAN for yourself to keep your system seperated. Most routers allow you to create a guest wifi, if you set this up you can have a seperate wifi network to connect to that is separated from your children. You could also reverse this and put your children on the guest network, a benefit of this approach is that they won’t be able to access the admin panel of your router and possibly change settings (accidentally or if their system gets compromised).

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