TOTP and e-mail client

does anyone know of an e-mail client that supports TOTP? Or perhaps has TOTP as an extention?

I haven’t heard of something like this, usually you either use the standard password for IMAP and the 2FA is only for the website ( or you generate an app password.

Do you want to use an email client as a TOTP app ?
Or do you want your email client to ask for TOTP each time you open it up ?

In both case; why do you want that ?


I need the email client to ask for TOTP each time it’s opened.

let’s just say as an example my e-mail provider is Outlook. the account is set up with username, password and TOTP. TOTP can be set up with KeepassXC or similar apps. If one tries to set up their e-mail account with Thunderbird it won’t work because TOTP is not integrated into the client.

I wanted to use an e-mail client to delay sending messages and save sent/received messages onto an external drive. Additionally there are a lot of times when a client is preferred over the usage of a web browser.