Tor over VPN on Android?

Is this considered Tor over VPN? Using tor browser after connecting to a vpn on android. Does the tor traffic go through vpn?

Yes, if you use a system VPN with the “Always-on” and “Block connection without VPN” setting and then connect to TOR through the Tor Browser (not through Orbot) you will have a Tor-over-VPN setup. You need to decide for yourself whether this is required and makes sense. The Tor Project generally advises against using Tor over a VPN.


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I read that tor faq and wiki. It’s actually in favor of using Tor over VPN with a trustworthy provider!


Yeah, I also use TOR with a VPN (specifically Proton VPN) because I don’t even have a different option, as my home firewall routes all the traffic through Proton, I don’t see any particular downsides to this but I just wanted to mention the Tor Project FAQ page

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Hi, welcome to the forum. Using the TOR Browser through a VPN is TOR over VPN. Honestly though, it’s really not necessary. Yes, it helps if you want to protect your identity from someone who is trying to deanonymize your traffic (at the exit node) or if you want to hide TOR usage from ISPs. However, each of these has already been solved: HTTPS and TOR Bridges. Plus, most VPNs, even if trustworthy, are subject to be forced to log traffic if required by law enforcement.

It is true that using Tor over a VPN doesn’t really do much about your anonymity. But I think the claim that it makes you more identifiable or even help de-anonymize your is blown out of proportion.

All using Tor over a VPN does is transfer the trust from your ISP to your VPN provider. So, instead of your ISP seeing that your are using Tor and the entry nodes you connect to, your VPN provider does instead.

Would I recommend using Tor over VPN? No, but if you are already routing all your network traffic through a VPN on your router I wouldn’t stress too much over it.

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My take is that using Tor over VPN has two minor downsides: the VPN could see that you’re using Tor, and a worse connection due to the extra hop.

In my case, I often don’t bother turning off the VPN and/or kill-switch when using Tor, because of the risk of forgetting to turn it back on. User-error is still one of the major causes in losing anonimity, privacy and security.

In a more complex situation (e.g. if you’re in a country where VPNs or Tor are blocked), I suggest reading the Tor wiki and taking your own educated conclusion.

I’d say the only issue is that almost all tor traffic comes from home ips and if it comes from a vpn it’s much more suspicious and will make you stand out.

I haven’t thought of that… but I guess it’s not that big an issue, since only the guard relay can see your IP address but cannot see the server you’re connecting to.

Little known fact, research by Whonix have concluded that Tor bridges are not effective in hiding that you are using Tor from your ISP, although it can make it harder, just like a VPN does.